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  1. Rock Donkey

    KOH 2016 Finishers

    First girl ever to finish top 5 in the big show in a full-bodied Jeep Wranger on solid axles! ;)
  2. Rock Donkey

    MacCachren at the King of the Hammers

    I might have to dispute or need you to re-clarify this comment. :)
  3. Rock Donkey

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 King Of The Hammers Photos - Story - Results

    Thanks for the great coverage. I was lucky enough to ride along in the winning #1919 car with King Van De Loo. In the 2015 race we broke a couple axles at the 2nd rock trail and had to watch our top 5 position disappear and the 30+ cars we passed in the desert pass us back. It was kinda a...
  4. Rock Donkey

    BAJA THEFT ...... Is it back ?

    Barstow thieves have stole more from me in one trip than a dozen trips to Baja. Food for thought...
  5. Rock Donkey

    Ryan Villopoto racing the Baja1000

    I don't think they finished. bummer
  6. Rock Donkey

    "bajalites" are born.....spy photos.....yes this truck just won the Mint 400.........

    Way to go ladies on finishing the B1K, it was a real last ditch effort on your part...:oops:
  7. Rock Donkey

    We need a UTV sucks thread...ready go!

    They build solid cars that stand up to abuse! Plus, they can ALL drive very well and have logged plenty of seat time. Just imagine if they added pre-running, a 4-Seater WB race car, and a built engine to their Baja Racing Schedule? :)
  8. Rock Donkey

    We need a UTV sucks thread...ready go!

    The cool thing about UTV's is they can be competitive right out of the box....and there is large numbers of other UTV's to race against. Add a cage, fuel cell, some safety gear and go race some local events with half a dozen other UTV's in your local area. The fact that SCORE has 25 UTV's on...
  9. Rock Donkey

    SCORE Baja Sur 500

    I made the drive to Cabo from Phoenix with the Jagged-X UTV Team. We had two trucks and a trailer, and while it was A LOT of driving, we all had a blast and zero issues on the way up and down. The race course, start line/finish line venues were better than expected. Good Job SCORE and crew...
  10. Rock Donkey


    Sweet vid!
  11. Rock Donkey

    Baja 1000 Prerunning

    I ended up doing about 300 miles of the race course (RM 400-700). South of Coco's Corner to San Ignacio. Saw several big teams down there doing work. I was more focused on beaches rather than roads. Blog: All My...
  12. Rock Donkey

    Solo Baja Trip in a Bronco

    I did a 1200 mile trip last month. Trailered my 'retired' Short-Course Bronco down to Baja to search for some quiet beaches. Found plenty of great spots between San Felipe and Loreto! I've been down to Baja several times but you don't see much following the race cars! This time I traveled...
  13. Rock Donkey

    Kurt Caselli RIP

    RIP Kurt, and my condolences to friends, family, sponsors, race directors, and fans that all came in contact with this special MOTO GOD.
  14. Rock Donkey

    #38 Deegan LVMS

    2nd video is awesome following RobMac. I think Rob's truck was sideways 90% of the track! Vegas course is awesome.
  15. Rock Donkey

    1400 Trucks in a Robby Gordan SST Race Costa Mesa CA

    Great video and song! Jumps looked big and steep! Thanks for posting.
  16. Rock Donkey

    BJ Baldwin new livery

    Video was too dark for me. Couldn't tell what I was looking at.
  17. Rock Donkey

    Calling All Class 8 Trucks!!

    Dates for the event? People need to know when to start dusting off the Ford's and start prep!
  18. Rock Donkey

    Rock Bouncers!!! Are they for real?

    Rock Bouncer's get schooled in their own backyard by west coast flatbillers! ;) Shannon Campbell takes the win in the Rock Bouncer Shootout\m/\m/\m/
  19. Rock Donkey

    X-games GRC rallycross finals: What did u think?

    Yes! They also need to boost up those Dodge Dart engines to keep pace with the field. Poor RedBull Team has no chance!
  20. Rock Donkey

    AWESOME Video from the 2011 Parker 425

    Sweet! Some different shots and a nice mix of several vehicles.