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  1. Rock Donkey

    Solo Baja Trip in a Bronco

    I did a 1200 mile trip last month. Trailered my 'retired' Short-Course Bronco down to Baja to search for some quiet beaches. Found plenty of great spots between San Felipe and Loreto! I've been down to Baja several times but you don't see much following the race cars! This time I traveled...
  2. Rock Donkey

    Thank You Robby Gordon

    Thank you RG for all the racing efforts in the last few months. It was fun to watch you in Dakar fly that Hummer through the Andes. It was fun to watch you dominate Parker in your TT and then put Pistol Pete in his place afterwards. It was fun to watch you race at King of the Hammer's in a...
  3. Rock Donkey

    AZ Stock Trucks: Go Big or Go Home!

    We had a nice showing at Round #1. 12 Trucks showed up ready to battle. \m/
  4. Rock Donkey

    Desert Racer vs. Rock Racer @ KOH

    Five years of racing King of the Hammer's and I've yet to see a Desert Racer get close to winning the hardest one-day off-road race in the USA. Not even a top ten spot yet if I'm not mistaken. Even the moto event saw Desert Racer's jump out front at the beginning but the talented Rock Racers...
  5. Rock Donkey

    MOAB in October

    Anyone gonna be riding in the southern part of Utah Oct 11-16th? I'd like to ride some trails, singletrack, etc. Plan to be around Moab and Green River hitting all the good stuff. I love the Sovereign trails, Behind The Rocks stuff, Slickrock trails.... I would also like to ride 5MOH...
  6. Rock Donkey

    Baja 500 from San Felipe

    A group of us are staying in San Felipe during the race weekend. Looks like the 500 course is 30 miles away for SF. Any cool routes and spots to watch in this area? Any cool singletrack or knarly jeep roads to check out near SF? We like the good singletrack and nasty rock washes that lead to...
  7. Rock Donkey

    My FORD is going backwards!

    Ditching fuel injection for aspirated motor (req. by rules). I've got a early 90's Mustang HO 302 motor in a full-size Bronco. Bronco will be raced primarily for short course events and hopefully some Class-3 SCORE events. What is a good manifold/carb combo for this type of motor/racing...
  8. Rock Donkey

    Jeepspeed In-Car Video MORE Freedom Race

    First time for us racing in Barstow at a MORE event. Good times for sure, we enjoyed the really laid back atmosphere and everyone we met were helpfull and friendly. Here is some video of all the smooth parts on course: :rolleyes:
  9. Rock Donkey

    Dump can and tools stolen at Barstow Freedom Race

    I lost a 12 gallon clear dump can with the alloy caps on Friday night and they got a folding 'Cresent' toolset out of my trailer. Both had #1724 inked all over them. This was while parked at the Holiday Inn Express by the outlet malls in Barstow. I just want to catch the theives...
  10. Rock Donkey

    Hello from AZ

    Hey guys, My name is Chad from PHX and I'm addicted. :-) I love the Jeepspeed and rockbuggy stuff. I recently purchased a old 91 JS as a budget racer. Would love to do the entire 2009 series if money allows. I first found this website while surfing my first love: Pirate4x4. I...