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  1. kats

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    It looks like its going to be another 4th for Dan Macmillin hehehe
  2. kats

    Why do offroad shock companies suck at running a business???

    King worst customer service, cost me money to take the truck and team to Mexico for valving for nothing....still have all the emails and messages back and forward but at the end I was blessed to end up at FOX which is not really more expensive as everyone said to me and you can't compare the...
  3. kats

    guess who needed my help at the baja500

    Gracias amigo y a sus ordenes #703
  4. kats

    Personal Tracking

    Spot worked perfect on pre run this past weekend
  5. kats

    2016 SCORE Baja 500 Prerun

    The last miles coming to check 2 (Borrego)
  6. kats

    Bare Chassis?

    Just ordered a couple of cans let see what it does
  7. kats

    Southern Arizona Desert Racing.. point to point race SEP. 25-26

    Fun was put in hold for about 1 hour jajaja fun race not to crazy about the last 30 mi just running up and down the sand in town
  8. kats

    Baja Sur or Baja 500?

    Thank you for the info!
  9. kats

    Baja Sur or Baja 500?

    I can't find any information on scores website about the championship policy anyone have solid information on how the points will be handled for the championship?
  10. kats

    Brenthel chase truck

    Not to add gas to the fire but if you are missing a KING RESERVOIR from a left rear chase truck I have it! Your chase truck left it in front of me wen he flew by me on the way out to "El Arco"
  11. kats

    KTM or HONDA, what's your choice?

    I have owned both, Honda & KTM for many years and my vote goes to KTM.
  12. kats

    1000 bike pics?

    Also big "Thank you" to who ever placed the purple ribbons in that section,I learned to read them very fast after the first silt bed, jajaja.
  13. kats

    Chase Drivers

    Who else thinks the chase drivers should get an award for driving and keeping us safe during the race? when we got back home on Saturday morning to the house in Ensenada and everyone just dissapear to find a clean bed to rest, I started going over the past 3 weeks and over the race in my head...
  14. kats

    Friends Father Missing In Baja

    I'm pre running 380-500 this week, send me the flyer, I will print and post on my way south.
  15. kats

    App not working

    Hello, The RDC app is not working at all on iOS 7
  16. kats

    " THE CHOLLA 250 NOVEMBER 22nd - 23rd "

    CODE's last race of the year is the following weekend (double points) I hope this race in RP gets more racers for the promoter! it will be a shame if it goes away for 2014.
  17. kats

    SCORE Spot 3 Tracking.

    Does anyone know if we need a new pelican case or does it fit in the same old one?
  18. kats

    ** CODE Mexicana Logistics 300 2013 route change map updated

    Good info. See you out there this weekend pre funnnnn
  19. kats

    '04-ish Yamaha YFZ450 measurement???

    What is a WMS?
  20. kats

    JEEZ! Race Fees pretty steep.

    This threads are awesome, you get to see the personality of the members come out and get a good idea how they conduct their bussines and interact with others.....