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  1. kats

    Baja Sur or Baja 500?

    I can't find any information on scores website about the championship policy anyone have solid information on how the points will be handled for the championship?
  2. kats

    Chase Drivers

    Who else thinks the chase drivers should get an award for driving and keeping us safe during the race? when we got back home on Saturday morning to the house in Ensenada and everyone just dissapear to find a clean bed to rest, I started going over the past 3 weeks and over the race in my head...
  3. kats

    App not working

    Hello, The RDC app is not working at all on iOS 7
  4. kats

    Rosarito-Ensenada bicycle ride 2012

    Anyone from the RDC family going? This coming Saturday 29th.
  5. kats

    Baja 500 2012 RM 407 random Bikes / Quads

  6. kats

    PARIS burned down in ENSENADA

    Sad news for a lot of fellow RDCers......
  7. kats

    ZR Prmotions (Mexicali) champion MC pro Colie Poter

    Congratulations Colie Poter is now 1X on the ZR Promotions championship, dedication payed off always there for every race!!!!! 2009 ZR/Tecate championship M/C ABIERTA PRO # NOMBRE Premiers Mitsubishi Alvisa...
  8. kats

    Team C.P.R fab - 100X pre running

    Carlos Casas from CPR racing working his section.
  9. kats

    Zoo road 11X getting ready!!!!!

    Noe Ibarra pre running....
  10. kats

    Ivan Ramirez video

    Check out Ivan riding :)
  11. kats

    WORKS Glen Helen

    Speedy JR. Ivan Ramirez Noe Ibarra
  12. kats

    Jacume 09 - CODE

    Speedy JR. Javier Robles JR. pics by:
  13. kats


    404x Brian Campbell/Bill Cotton, Bakersfield, Calif./Pete Cochran, Laguna Beach, Calif./Brian Sweaney, Bakersfield, Calif., KTM 530XCW What happened you where in front @ RM289 - Thanks for waving bye j/k
  14. kats

    Pre run Baja 500 Thursday

  15. kats

    Pre run Baja 500 Wednesday

  16. kats

    Does anybody have the Google earth version of the 500 map

    Can anyone share it? Thanks.
  17. kats

    Septien gana overall en CODE / Tiempos

    Felicidades Pancho ! TIEMPOS
  18. kats

    Lake Elsinore MX Park 2/12

    Last but not least.... Mas here:
  19. kats

    Lake Elsinore MX Park 2/9

    Nice weather today, a lot of good riders This dude is really good. mas here
  20. kats

    Catus video promo Baja 1K 09

    I like the way this company is improving their videos every year. YouTube - 41ST TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000 2008 by CACTUS FILMS