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    La Rana series pics??

    Any body have any La Rana series pics to share???
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    MORE race????

    Anybody make it out to the MORE race this weekend??
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    Shock mounting question

    I have a 2000 truck that currently has a torsion bar setup with a 3.0 bypass. I am going to convert to a 3.0 bypass and a 2.5 coilover. My question is, I have seen almost all of the dual shock setups have the coilover towards the front of the trucks, what is the reason for this? My setup will...
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    The other race this weekend II ??????

    Just wondering what other photographers where out and snapping pics. If they where can they list/advertise where the photos are goinig to be???
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    Toys For Tots 200

    What other Photographers where out there shooting???? I found prospector only????\m/
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    22r engine help????

    I am having a little difficult time getting my 22r to fire??? Finishing a 1450 Removed: Dash, ECU, all stock wiring.... Need???? I can not get it to fire I have a coil , a magnetic pickup dist. and toggle switch type dash. I can't figure out(brain f*rt) how to wire it with...
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    New guy .....

    Used to race 1600... but after totaling the car... trying to get a 1450 up and running......$$$$$$