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    DOM question

    The first time I bought DOM it was a light grey color. This last time it was a darker grey almost black. The markings where right for DOM. Is there any difference. Is it a processing thing?
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    Bushing question

    Hey guys I am getting ready to build some A-arms for my full size chevy. I searched and it seems like most people are using uniballs for the inner pivots. I have a TC gen III race kit on my toyota and its using urethane for the inners. I am wondering for this new truck if I could use delrin...
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    Force into a spindle

    Does any one know a good website or equations in general to find the force that is imputted into a front spindle given the speed of a vehicle and the size of bump it is hitting? My physics is a little rusty and my numbers are comming out huge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Toyota brake help

    I have a 92 toyota pickup 4x4 and I broke a brake line. I replaced it with some steel braided ones from TC. Now my brakes are squishy until the pedal is about an inch from the floor. I have bleed the brakes about 4 times and they wont firm up. They feel firm until you turn the truck on then they...
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    Ford Raptor?

    Does anybody have anymore info about the ford raptor concept? It looks like it would kill in the stock class. The link below is all I have seen so far.
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    Material Identification question

    So I bought a project truck and the cage is 95% complete but it still needs some bracing. The guy I bought if from wasnt sure if it was DOM or chromoly. There are no remaining markings on the tubing what it the best way find out what I am working with? I currently have some DOM could I brace...
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    Hello my name is Brad

    This site is awsome, the wealth of information is amazing. I am going to school right now for mechanical engineering and when I am not doing homework I am usually playing with my 92 toyota pickup or riding my downhill bike.