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    Traveling to OCD III

    Hey Guys. I'm thinking about traveling to OCD III. Thing is I'm traveling from Colorado and where can I stay once I get to California. I know it is going to be a long trip around 14 hours. Any suggestions on where I can stay if I am able to attend and anything I should bring along. Any...
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    Cleaning Up The Desert

    Alright I'm doing another class research/proposal paper. This time its on cleaning up the desert. The plan is to get just about everyone envoled in this. Well just about everyone. As you know the desert is a great place to race and a bad place to dump trash. This proposal is on to cleaning...
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    Life is presious

    This is one of the sadist and meanest things I've read in a while. And I would seriouly hurt the guy that did that. -matt-
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    Sponsorship. Why is it done?

    Alright. I have to do a research project on sponsorship. I would like to know why it is done and other tide bits. This research propoese to identify why companys or indivuals sell or opt for naming right (or something close to that). Will the company have increases revenues? And will it...
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    Total Chaos for 87 Toyota 4Runner

    From what everyone has said about Total Chaos suspension parts. Total Chaos is the best way to go. Right? I'm trying to get into off-road racing and I would love all the advice I can get on everything related to racing. What is the best way to start. And so on. The only problem I see in...