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    Is J&L photography still around?

    if that doesn't work out, I'm sure I can help you.
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    Hal Sealunds Old Race Bronco

    I have almost 30 different good shots of it racing in the early 80's. Let me know if you would like to see proofs of the bronco. send me your e-mail address to
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    Class 8

    Who was the driver of record of your old truck? If it ran at any SCORE or Bit Race, I have photos--- send me an e-mail to Jim Ober, Trackside photo 805 578-3470
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    Class 8

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    I am looking for photos of Sergio Durón's truck

    send me your e-mail address, and I will send you proofs. Jim Ober Trackside Photo 805 578-3470
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    SS 300 Pics

    You guys are making a fatal mistake. Not everyone with a camera is a photographer, some are just fans with an image capturing device. Jim Ober, Trackside Photo
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    Photo Forum

    With some promoters, getting an up to date entry list can be a problem. That slows down the process. Also, many (most) times, the relationship between photographer and promoter is not the best. Photographers don't like to be charged for the privilege of shooting pictures and a lot have quit...
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    Contact info for Jim Ober of Tackside Photo

    The Trackside website is now again online and ready for business. Posting races from the past daily. early 70's races are online. Go to, or contact me at, 805 578-3470