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    SNORE/MORE Midnight special lost and found...

    I lost a fox shock reservoir late around mile 40-45. If it isn't wasted, I could use it! I also 'loaned' a fuel pump to a 14something truck and they were going to bring it by after the race, but it wasn't returned. 1709 was our car.
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    Thank You PAB and DA

    After earning the Baja 1000 win in Jeepspeed we had a serious problem, we finished over 12 hours ahead of our wildest dreams. We arrived in LaPaz at midnight with no hotel rooms until the next night. I saw Cam and Mike at about 6:00 am after we had been up for 50 hours straight. My crew was...
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    PRP Seats 1706 Jeepspeed V2R report

    The preperation countdown ended on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 and the Dust Junkie crew waited at the shop for the new Interco TSL's to be delivered. We wait and wait for the delivery truck, getting the last few things together, throw a complete third member together from spare parts and gather all...
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    Inconsistent rule enforcement by BITD costs me V2R win.

    Day 1, I was running well, leading the pack of Jeepspeeds, pulling a couple buggies and trucks out of the silt, righting a Trick Truck that was on it's side, until it happened, the wiffle balls in the fuel cell came apart and clogged everything up. It took a while to get it fixed, including...
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    Any contact for the 729 truck at MORE 500?

    I borrowed a drill bit and want to get it back to him.
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    Dave Deal passed away in his home last night.

    Dave passed away last night in his home as a result of kidney failure. Some may remember his art, others his face in baja. He was an icon in the art world.
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    Solid axle front for a Jeepspeed

    I have been running a junkyard front 44 that a buddy and I dug out of a little junkyard by Salton Sea for almost two years. Dan Turner and I trussed it, put new gears and carriers more than a few times, thrashed it, fixed it and thrashed it again. Then, at the Freedom 250, we dealt the axle it's...
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    Lost aluminum jack handle at MORE 7/19/08

    It was in the college hills area.
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    New PRP impact gun bag

    Just in time for Christmas, PRP has a new toy. Premier Racing Products is happy to introduce the newest product in their ever growing product line up devoted to the off-road lifestyle. The PRP Impact bag features a durable shell designed to safely store your expensive cordless impact gun, a...
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    Lose something at the powderpuff?

    I found a wheel and tire. Give me the details and I'll get it to the rightful owner.
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    Big Head and small helmets

    I stopped by Parker Pumper in Mira Loma yesterday to buy a suit and helmet. I tried on the HJC pre-wired forced air unit and the microphone hit me in the chin and it squeezed my melon like a grape in a wine press. I wear an xxl motorcycle helmet and have a 7 3/4 fitted hat measurement and it...
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    Hello, My name is Scott

    My name is Scott and I grew up in the desert, Yucca Valley to be exact, racing, riding, causing trouble. I have been rock crawling from it's infancy and have now thrown my hat into desert racing. I am working on a jeepspeed 2 car and hope to compete this next season in all the sanctioned races...