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  1. cncman

    Com padre Trail

    Does anyone have information on the gate thats locked on the Com Padre trail, Hours of operations?
  2. cncman

    Dakar '18 -Stage 14- Córdoba > Cordoba FINISH!

    Congratulations on the Finish!
  3. cncman

    please say a prayer, or whatever you do.....for casey folks

    Our thoughts and Prayers are for you
  4. cncman


    Thank You for Sharing!
  5. cncman

    MORE Sierra LED 250...Not the same old Barstow

    It was a lot of Fun Great Race
  6. cncman

    2016 Silkway Rally - Stage6 - Balkhash > Almaty

    They will be better next Time!
  7. cncman

    Jefferies Racing Trophy Truck #13 Test Day

    Looking Good and sounding Good!
  8. cncman

    My Baja1000 experience (video)

    Great Video Thank You for sharing.
  9. cncman


    Great Video Thank You for sharing!
  10. cncman

    Jefferies /Romans #121 SCORE Baja 1000 '15 - MWP

    Thank You for sharing.
  11. cncman

    Horsepower Ranch Sold

    This is a Great place, Can not wait to get back there. With a little polish it will be even Better.
  12. cncman

    2015 Vegas to Reno Official coverage thread

    Thank You
  13. cncman

    2015 Vegas to Reno Official coverage thread

    How is 1547 doing?
  14. cncman

    The "Official" Dakar 2016 Thread

    What Team is this Vehicle for?
  15. cncman

    Oscar Ramos Jassen passing

    Very Sad, Vio con Dios Oscar
  16. cncman

    New Cool Baja 500 RUMOROSA Clip? Just want it to share it

    Thank You for Sharing
  17. cncman

    Just Back-2015 Run to Land's End

    Awesome Trip! Thank You Ramona Tire Crew
  18. cncman

    Mason 6100s go 1st and 2nd at Parker

    How did Pistol Pete truck do? not trying to hijack this thread just asking.
  19. cncman

    Dan pm me

    Dan pm me
  20. cncman

    McKenzie's Rage at the River

    where are the Results from Day 1 for all classes