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  1. 86F-onefifty

    1 ton 14 bolt swap into GMC sierra help?!?!

    I did this a few years ago: 14 bolt axle advice needed The 1 ton = 10.5" full floater, it's worth it IMO. Not a direct swap though. The 3/4 ton 9.5" SF just needs your 10-bolt pinion yoke and to have 6 lug everything. Cliffs notes my FF swap: -Needs 6 on 5.5 hubs machined or purchased -Use...
  2. 86F-onefifty

    mid to long travel for my 2wd dodge

    A friend of mine does a long travel kit for Dodge 2wd half tons. PM me for contact info; he'll have more pictures and specs.
  3. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    400 before tax/shipping. Since doing this, I noticed RCV Performance does some drive flanges for 14 bolts. Would have been nice, just not in my budget.
  4. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Right on, I'll give that a shot. This is new to me, so thanks for the help! Will prob do caliper bolts also since in I'm there already.
  5. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Finished up last weekend. New problem, safety wire advice needed haha. Here's my first try
  6. 86F-onefifty

    old school rancho take apart rebuild kits

    Kris at may have what you need. *Fairly local to you Marcus Good Luck!
  7. 86F-onefifty

    Speed handle breaker bar

    Nice! Since we can't re-invent the wheel, this will have to do.
  8. 86F-onefifty

    93 chevy 4x4 dixon bros suspension kit question

    It's not going to work. Give them a call and see what else they can do for you. If your shocks are 8-10in stroke, you/they should be able to make something happen.
  9. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Getting closer, waiting for caliper brackets to get cut out.
  10. 86F-onefifty

    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    Ya, I am planning to put a short extension on the top. Will be used on a truck with less than 20" from the ground to an a-arm. Shipping weight says 25lb, now sure how accurate that is.
  11. 86F-onefifty

    SMT Racing 7s In car video from the HDRA King 250

    Awesome footage! Nice to hear the truck working instead of music. *Toofarnorth, it looks like auto-focus in the cam kinda plays with the perspective.
  12. 86F-onefifty

    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    H1 jack arrived. Funny box at one end appears to be gear reduction (3.5ish:1) -weld a nut on each end to get the best of both worlds using an impact. Lifts to around 20" in stock form. No leaks so far haha.
  13. 86F-onefifty

    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    I'm with Randy on this one. I'd rather not buy the floor jack from Shipwreck Tools (HF) and not too fond of the Hi-Lift. Supposedly, this weighs about 25lbs; just what I've read here and there. *If the pin on the top measures 1.25-1.5in od, then making a short spacer/mating surface for...
  14. 86F-onefifty

    TSCO Racing - SCORE San Felipe 250 **VIDEO**

    Not sure which is more impressive here- the video, or having both trucks ready to race 2 short weeks later @ The Mint. Hats off to the TSCO crew!
  15. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Thanks for the suggestions^ Received Spyntec hubs and picked up wheel spacers last week; hubs 6 on 5.5, but 5 on 5.5 is also available. Parts are at the shop getting machined. Spacers getting bored out to, and axle flanges getting turned down to 4.25in. +/-. *Has to run socket heads or 12pt's...
  16. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    10-4, guess I will try out that method and keep an eye on the inner lug nuts. Thanks!
  17. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    The stock, 8.5in. 10 bolt axle under my Silverado is about to leave the building, and I'm not interested in reusing it...So, I'm in the process of building a 6-lug, 10.5in, 14 bolt FF axle. Nothing against the Ford 9in., I just want to try something different. The issue I'm facing now is...
  18. 86F-onefifty

    Shock Oil?

    I don't work in the sales dept, but my answer(s) would be: Better Base Oil- about 80% of your shock oil is this, so don't cheap out here. *Includes solvent or lack of, which contributes to seal-shrink/swell Better Additive Packages- i.e. "up-to-date," because advancements are always being...
  19. 86F-onefifty

    oil for ls engine

    We make a 15/50 worth checking out as well. "Extra 15w50" ^He's right, good oil doesn't need more additive.