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  1. PreKota

    Another Photoshoot - Beg. of 2011

    Not set in stone but heres what Im thinking so far..Alot of info so please bare with me.. The Full Flaunt website should be up by February 2011, taking so long, Im super picky! lol..I have a lot of older shoots I'll be using throughout the site..But would like to do a few shoots while its...
  2. PreKota

    Built Dodge Dakota

    Not fully built but for the most part built.. This is a 95 Dodge Dakota with the 5.2l V8.. When I bought it: I bought a set of equal length beams of a mid 70s F150 5lug..As well got a set of BFG Baja Porjects, Centerline Wheels and Glassworks Fiberglass.. Rodd Fantelli, Fantelli...
  3. PreKota

    Can someone make me a custom model?

    Im looking for someone to possibly make me a custom truck model..Im looking for a Dodge, Ram or Dakota..I can provide the model if need.. Im looking for the truck to have cage work, front to back, long travel front and rear suspension, glass on all for corners, etc..I want it done clean and DD...
  4. PreKota

    The Datsun

    Decided to go ahead and make a build thread.. Rodd Fantelli (Fantelli Motorsports) picked the truck up Friday from a friend of his for the NORRA Vintage race..Since Rodd made his name with a Datsun we thought it was only right to go with a Datsun! We are super stoked..Especially myself and...
  5. PreKota

    Looking for photos of these trucks....

    The first truck is the Walker Evans Dodge Dakota..My friend swears he had one..Its the Gen II, so 91-96 body.. I personally am building a 95 Dakota with a IBeam conversion and bronco rear end..Lots of people have told me about the Walker truck so would like to know if it indeed had existed...
  6. PreKota

    N.D Coyote Wash Photos

    I hadnt really planned on shooting therefore this is all I have..I was going to hit up ZoomLense (sorry forgot your name already :o), but I was getting majorly pelted by the sand due to the wind lol.. Again this is all I have.. this one got me pretty bad...
  7. PreKota

    Any KOTD Spectators?

    I know I ask this often but so far Ive had a decent response.. Im shooting for my companys 2010 calendar..Basically its trucks (all classe styles) and chicks.. Last years calendar, even tho late, we got rid of all of them.. The plan was to shoot a Bronco and a 1450 built F150, however the...
  8. PreKota

    Shots from this weekend!!

    Had a shoot going on for my companys 2010 calendar..Had 2 trucks/2 girls show, which was perfect.. Heres some results..Enjoy :) Fun action shots.. Work shots: oh theres lots more!! but Im still going through all the girls photos..
  9. PreKota

    March PhotoShoot/Desert Trip

    The last Full Flaunt shoot/trip I think was a big success..No issues, lots of people showed up as well as some super nice rigs and we all had a blast.. So hopefully we can do it again! Being as our calendars are finally out I feel confident in getting together another photoshoot.. The...
  10. PreKota

    ND Budlight Dash Photos

    So heres my photo thread..Alright so I dont have every truck..I missed a good portion as I had to leave for a party at my house tonight and kept moving around prior seeing freinds, and the fact they didnt start till like 9:30ish.. So heres what I have for now: the best race-truck ever...
  11. PreKota

    Trying to find this guy!

    Trying to find a guy that goes by (last name?) Genesis..He builds fiberglass and is located in or near Riverside..Was refered to him by a friend..He apparently has a mold for my specific truck that no one else has.. If anyone knows of him please let me know his contact..My friend has lost it...
  12. PreKota

    MDR Photos..

    Nothing great but here ya go..Have lots more..Sorry I have NO bugs, buggies, sandcars, etc..ONLY trucks.. And I believe I have everyone truck that got past the first half lap..Just hit me up for your number..If your posted below that means I have more of you, so hit me up with those too...
  13. PreKota

    One More!!

    Need to shoot a TT this month! in nearby Ocotillo or Plaster to finish up our calendar for '09.. I provide model..You can check out some of my other work, just search the forums for my threads under my sn..
  14. PreKota

    SDi SuperDuty PhotoShoot..

    Check em out :D.. and mah Yota..Just got her painted and picked up Friday..she was about 4 different colors before lol..
  15. PreKota

    Searching for calendar sponsors..

    We are currently, finally, getting together our 2009 Desert Edition calendar for Full Flaunt.. .. Therefore we are looking for sponsors!! Each sponsor will have advertisement space..One sponsor per page.. This is open for any offroad service provider to gain...
  16. PreKota

    Mango Racing..New truck shots..

    :cool: Calendar shot to be revealed at calendar release! oh and the truck:
  17. PreKota

    Need An Additional Truck For This Weekend..

    I'll be shooting Mango Racings truck this Sunday out at Plaster City..One more truck would do to head out for shooting as well.. Quiet a few guys hit me up about getting their trucks in for the calendar..Whoever can make this shoot is a guaranteed in.. Would like to get 2 in one day as...
  18. PreKota

    My Shots from CORR

    Not the same as everyone else but none the less theyre shots from CORR..My email is currently going through maintenance so posting these up for easy access to the truck owner.. Took these shots for our upcoming calendar..Ive so far picked 2 that I liked..But heres a few to check out.. Enjoy :)
  19. PreKota

    Need Awesome Photos for New Place..

    So I'll be moving out soon to my own place..Want to decorate with lots of truck photography..Offroad, race, and show.. I have a few of my own to put up but would like to have others..Of course willing to pay.. Would prefer to pay for the file and not an actual print, so I can get whatever...
  20. PreKota

    Need 3 Trucks To Finish Up Calendar

    We're getting our calendars together slowly right now through my company Full Flaunt for '09.. In the calendar we'll be running different levels of offroading trucks..Street, 1450, TT, etc.. We need about 2 TTs and 1 1450 to finish up..Pro-truck welcome as well.. Can do them...