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  1. richard cretsinger

    The Mint and Class 8

    I know its a long shot but are there any other Class 8s planning on running the 2019 Mint?
  2. richard cretsinger

    What Brakes are you using???

    Whos using what on there trophy truck, Class 8 trucks. About ready to buy Brake Man stuff, but just want to find out if theres anything else I should be using. I know that Brembo is real popular, I just don't know which model caliper. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  3. richard cretsinger

    Steering arm double shear

    For our new class 8 I will be building the steering soon and was thinking of double shearing the stearing arm. I bought my box from Howe and they sent me a new steering arm. Im not sure what kind of rod to use on this piece. Im pretty sure its cast steel but could be wrong. With cast steel, ive...
  4. richard cretsinger


    i would like to run a powertank on our race truck and would like to know what size tanks you guys are running. I will be running nitrogen instead of co2, and also, is the tube mount strong enough to withstand the offroad abuse? Thanks
  5. richard cretsinger

    Miller matic 350P

    Wanting some info on this machine. Wondering how the pulse works on just regular steel. Is it as great as they say. Or is this machine really intended to just help out the aluminum squirters? Reason im asking, is i was looking over the welds on a HMS trophy class 1 car and noticed that the...
  6. richard cretsinger

    Rear Steer, Rack steering????

    Ok, Im having thoughts on how it could be done, or if it could be done. Equal length beams with a rack and rear steer. This is for a legal class 8 truck. Anyone ever attempt this? Can it be done? Am i up in the night?
  7. richard cretsinger

    BORR race, next weekend

    Just curious, but does anybody even know about the race next weekend in Jackpot Nevada? Borr has been racing up there for years and years but they cant seem to get the advertising going to promote these races so I am trying to let everyone know about it. Its a great race with lots of everything...
  8. richard cretsinger

    Class 8 Build

    so im sure that this has been talked about before, I am wondering what ford frame would be best to start a new class 8 project. Know that c and d likes the early 80s ford frames but would like to know what others have found to be good. this truck will have I beams and linked in the rear of...
  9. richard cretsinger

    1450 pro class

    So what does every body think of an actual 1450 pro class? The class has gotten so big and needs to maybe diverse away from being what it has been for so long. Or is everyone happy with just winning a trophy with no pay back? Just curious, i was going to talk to our fearlous leader about it at...
  10. richard cretsinger

    Trans coolers question

    I have two transmission coolers from PWR, the big ones from kartek. i had to mount them in the back of my truck with the fittings going up and down, not side ways like normal. I cut and welded a piece in to make it a dual pass cooler so that the fluid has to go up and over and then back down to the...
  11. richard cretsinger

    Best truck frame to start with?

    Thinking about building a new truck, a full size legal class 8. have already built a Ranger, 1450 class. now we are thinking about making it fully legal. We are Ford guys so that is what we want to build. What year frames are the best to start with. Also, we are I beam lovers, keep this in mind...
  12. richard cretsinger

    Engine adapter plate for center mount

    i use a engine adapter plate from ati, my question is should i use this as a mount for center stability. sorry this is a class 1450 truck, has a ford motor in it and a turbo 400.i use the stock motor mount locations on the motor and the trans and the rubber is very similar, as far as hardness...
  13. richard cretsinger

    Vorra here we come!!!

    Any body else running the vorra night race, ourselves and Monte Tibbits are going to find out what its all about, heard there a bunch of great guys out there and due to the fact that BORE is on hold until sept. what else we gonna do. plus the price is right
  14. richard cretsinger

    air filter base for holley carbs

    wondering, my air filter base fits real sloppy on my holley carburetor. it is a k&n base and it doesnt seal tight. what are you guys using? it is a 14" base no drop
  15. richard cretsinger

    Who Should I Use? Trans Help

    i have a v8 ranger that i race in BORE and just lost my transmission last saturday. i run a 347 stroker and a c4 short tail shaft trans. (bolt on yoke) ive heard that culhanes, rde and mogi are really good but i want to know what you guys think. i live in salt lake city, so these guys are not...
  16. richard cretsinger

    Looking For More Racers

    Bore Is A Smaller Organization That Is Looking For More Racers. If You Are Looking For More Seat Time Or Just Want To Come Up And Have Fun With Us Any One Is Invited. We Have Very Challenging Courses And Alot Of Good People Running The Show. We Just Recently Picked Up Pci Race Radios And Butchs...
  17. richard cretsinger

    kaufmann headers?

    anyone know if kaufmann products is still in business? i know that they made some long tube headers for the v8 rangers. i know that l and l makes some shortys but i want long tube and i saw a picture of the kaufmann headers and they were really good quality from what i saw. any info would be...
  18. richard cretsinger

    3.8 or 4.0?

    i currently have a ford ranger with a v8 302 and want to step down and put a v6 in so that i can run 7 open. which is the better set up the 3.8 or the 4.0. i would also like to stay with the c4 trans that is already in it. also need to know who builds these motors with some ponys. i know that...
  19. richard cretsinger

    paddle tires?

    race season is over up here and its time to go play at the dunes, question is, i dont know where to buy paddle tires for my truck. i have a size 15x8 rim for my race truck. does scat trak sell them? if you know where i can fine them please let me know. thanks,
  20. richard cretsinger

    i beam knuckles

    i have a i beamed ranger and am currenty using f150 4wd knuckles and spindles. (dana 44 spindles) and yes it is 2wd. i want to buy cone's front hubs that have the 2.5 inch spindle and much bigger hub when i buy my full floater from him. the problem is the new rotor will not line up correctly for...