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  1. call-911

    Baja Big Air

    Was excited until I saw you can do back flips... :rolleyes:
  2. call-911

    Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is FANTASTIC!!!

    Awesome!!! I'll be getting one if they release a MacCachren or Baldwin edition. I can't add another $75 to the price tag to get a clear body after buying the truck.
  3. call-911

    Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is FANTASTIC!!!

    Check it out.... Aside from the HPI Mini Trophy Truck that has been discontinued, this is by far the most realistic mass produced R/C desert racing model to have ever been created in my opinion. It's 1/7th scale and MSRP is going to be around $750-$800. I may need to thin my R/C herd a bit...
  4. call-911

    Associated stepping up for the buggy dorks.

    It needs narrower front tires.
  5. call-911

    2XL Trophylite Rally - General discussion thread

    I would agree... A friend of mine who programs says that it's not as complex to program for the Android as it is for the iPhone as well so maybe we will see this in the future...
  6. call-911

    Team Associated SC10 4x4!

    Cars are indeed lighter now. My comparison is more towards real cars/trucks rutting up dirt tracks. R/C cars don't really dig enough to rut tracks up (10th scale electrics at least). The biggest change in the old style loose dirt tracks was the level of traction as the track dried out and...
  7. call-911

    Team Associated SC10 4x4!

    That's how the tracks were when I raced in the 80's. They weren't soft to the point where ruts were made (cars weren't heavy enough), but soft enough a rooster tail of dirt could be made if you got out of the groove.
  8. call-911

    HPI 5sc - What the 5t SHOULD have been

    I'll be looking forward to these new releases. The photo above is a step in the right direction, but still isn't to scale with regards to the cab area as you have already noted.
  9. call-911

    HPI 5sc - What the 5t SHOULD have been

    This thing is awesome! When I had first heard about there being a 5t coming to market a couple of years ago, I was so excited and anxious to get one.... until I saw it. Blech... HPI has come out with another offering (Short Course based) in the 5sc that hits the nail on the head! Based on...
  10. call-911

    2XL Trophylite Rally - General discussion thread

    Greg, I just starting looking at this and didn't see it mentioned in this thread, but are there plans to port this over to Droid?
  11. call-911

    new 5t body

    Yep, I was sooo anticipating the 5T when I first heard it was coming out. After seeing it, I was quickly over it because of the way the body looked/fit. I would love to see a realistic body for the 5T. Depending on how well it is done, it may bring back the interest I originally had.
  12. call-911

    Ready to Run RC Trophy Truck

    Totally digging it. Much more scale than any other truck that is out now.
  13. call-911

    Off Road Drive

    Totally looks like a remake of Screamer 4x4 with an updated graphics engine. I like it!
  14. call-911

    Dirt 3, Already in Development...

    They should break off the short course and baja racing off into another game.... Ameri-Dirt and Euro-Dirt.
  15. call-911

    New SC10?

    Yep, they beefed up the chassis and changed some suspension mounting locations. Not sure if it's worth the price for that. Maybe Brandon can chime in with the main differences and whether or not an existing SC10 can easily be upgraded.
  16. call-911


    Nope. It just got delivered today as a matter of fact. Hopefully I can find time to put it together nightly after the kids go to bed.
  17. call-911


    They're out now!! Seem to be trickling into the hobby shops bit by bit.
  18. call-911


    Sorry to dig up an old post, but I just became a new owner of a NIB SC8e. Prices have come down a bit if you're a Super Saver Tower member or snag one off of ebay. If you're outside of IL, they can be had for $275 with free shipping. Can't wait to get it up and running!!!
  19. call-911

    Team Associated/ and RCX Radio Controlled Expo

    Brandon, are you guys going to do this for the Chicago Expo too? If so, I'm in.