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  1. PrerunnerManiac

    Bluewater Video

    I know this is really late but we just got it uploaded
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    How To Build a Rear Prerunner Bumper video

    We just finished our 3rd video on how to build a rear prerunner bumper.
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    Vegas to Reno Video

  4. PrerunnerManiac

    SS 300 Video
  5. PrerunnerManiac

    Mint 400 Video
  6. PrerunnerManiac

    Mint 400 UNOFFICIAL Results

    The unofficial results and lap times have been posted. I was told the official results should be up later in the week.
  7. PrerunnerManiac

    BAP Video

    We just finished our BAP video...hope you like it
  8. PrerunnerManiac

    How to Build a Bedcage Video

    Hey everyone, we just finished our second episode of FullDroopTV about building a bedcage in a Ranger.
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    RATR Video
  10. PrerunnerManiac

    BITD Henderson 250 Video
  11. PrerunnerManiac

    Room Rates for SCORE Laughlin race?

    Does anyone know of any discount codes on rooms for the Laughlin Desert Challenge race? I called the Tropicana so far and they are charging $59.95 per night.
  12. PrerunnerManiac

    Blue Water Desert Challenge Video

    I know it's late but I got a great shot of Rick Johnson on the back side of the Matterhorn
  13. PrerunnerManiac

    Installing Fiberglass Bedsides on a Ranger Video

    I wanted to share our video we just did to show people how to install bedsides on a Ranger.
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    Vegas to Reno Video
  15. PrerunnerManiac

    Midnight Special Video
  16. PrerunnerManiac

    Any Day 1 Results for SNORE Midnight Special

    Does anyone have any results from day 1?
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    Glen Helen Video
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    SS 300 Video
  19. PrerunnerManiac

    2011 Camburg Best In The Desert Current Standings

    Click to get to the PDF of the standings.
  20. PrerunnerManiac

    SS 300 Official Results posted

    Here are the official results: