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    Oh ya! I love that game. Got it the day it came out. You should search around but be ware of the cheaters out there. If someone shoot you though a wall then you might be getting hit by a cheater. But good look with the game. -matt- But beware it takes along time to get #6 in the country at CS
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    PS2 Disk Read Error

    The problem is that the lazer on your PS2 is shot and you need a new one. that is all. You might be able to buy one or have it replased. Sony is doing this to solve the problem. -matt-
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    What console to get ?

    Well I don't know about the systems. I have all 3 of the systems. I hate my ps2, I'm not thriled about the X-box but the Gamecube kicks soo much ass! And yes I play games all the time cause I work at a videogame store. Granted there is a larger selection of used ps2 games but that is also...
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    Driving Skills 101

    Damn! At least I know what to do now. Hopefully I'll get my Toyota to the track this year. Pray that I do and pray hard! If not I'll tag along with the Fireguys, while I'm on break from college, and have some fun. -matt- "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering...
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    stick or auto in the desert

    Gaa who in their right mind would want to use an auto in racing?! WTF! I love my manual 5 speed over any auto. Any time of the week. But nooo us lazy Americans don't want to use the manual it is too hard. But oh look we have an auto transmission for all of you pouch moneys. All those auto...
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    What do we have to do to get turbos legal?

    You know what! I think your right If the car comes with a turbo or a supercharger. I would not mind that. But a turbo is the way to go -matt-
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    2004 WRX Pic

    If I could get one I would! I just want to beat the living #@^% out of those rice rockets. -matt-
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    Race-Dezert Stickers

    Yes please make me up two. I won't be able to go to Laughlin but could you send them to me? I'll run them on my car. No problem for me. Just make something good up. I'm not really that picky. But just make it Look good. -matt-
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    Race-Dezert Stickers

    Hey! I'd like a few too. What is available? -matt-
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    Happy New Year

    Hahahaha. Colorado is the best! and Happy New Year -matt-
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    Barstow 12.28.02 video

    Sweet video! Music goes well with it. If only I could be there. I do have to ask who was doing the music? -matt-
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    Are all rotors created equal?

    I know your problem. I used to drive an '87 Ford Van. It ate through the breaks and rotors like a baby eating candy! But the proporshing valve was bad for that year. I wish I still had that van. I also have the same problem on my '87 4Runner. The origional rotors from 222k ago. Imaginge...
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    Ford vs. Toyota!

    I was wondering if your 4Runner is still running and racing? And why is it a P.O.S? I have an '87 4Runner and it still runs well. So can you also tell me some more information about your 4Runner. Please -matt-
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    Traveling to OCD III

    Hey Guys. I'm thinking about traveling to OCD III. Thing is I'm traveling from Colorado and where can I stay once I get to California. I know it is going to be a long trip around 14 hours. Any suggestions on where I can stay if I am able to attend and anything I should bring along. Any...
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    Cleaning Up The Desert

    Alright I'm doing another class research/proposal paper. This time its on cleaning up the desert. The plan is to get just about everyone envoled in this. Well just about everyone. As you know the desert is a great place to race and a bad place to dump trash. This proposal is on to cleaning...
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    New motor, What oil?

    Well I have a 22RE and I'm running AMSOIL 10w-40. Let me tell you this. I got better gas milage with this oil and better responce from the engine. Well I started using it around 185k and now I'm up too 211k and I love it! And my mother also had it put into her new Subaru and it gets better gas...
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    Life is presious

    This is one of the sadist and meanest things I've read in a while. And I would seriouly hurt the guy that did that. -matt-
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    Fire Guys Racing new paint at Jackpot, NV

    Sweet!!! I would love to see the truck. But all in due time. I wish I could start working on my car this year but college keeps me indoor all year long. But I will be graduating in March. So I hope to see you then. My question is how much would Johnny charge to get my car painted. I have...
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    Sponsorship. Why is it done?

    Alright. I have to do a research project on sponsorship. I would like to know why it is done and other tide bits. This research propoese to identify why companys or indivuals sell or opt for naming right (or something close to that). Will the company have increases revenues? And will it...
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    Play Station 2 $$$$

    Yea have fun with NOS. What a great thing. not Ok. All those games are for the PS2, except for Halo, which has been out for a year already. Just wait and see what's going to happen next for any system. Anything can happen. X-box might fail due to bad sales of systems. Who knows. And Yes...