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  1. trent06

    Raptor Shocks to F150?

    I received some Raptor front and rear take off shocks at no cost. Does anyone know if they will directly bolt onto my 2013 F150 Ecoboost or will it require additional parts and modifications? Pretty certain the rears will bolt directly up, more concerned about the front... Trent Sent from the...
  2. trent06

    MINT 400 Entry List "Shows the Love"

    MINT 400 posted yesterday! 51 TT's Interesting Views Andy Mac teamed up in the #6 Rick D teamed up in the COPS Racing TT Ricky Johnson teamed up with RPM Chuck Hovey back at it with the #23 and #83 McMillin teams. The #24 is making an appearance after taking a year off? 35 Class 1's 33 Class...
  3. trent06

    Real Estate Market??

    Wanted to start a thread to see who all here is in the real estate industry. Whether it be a Home Inspection, Selling Home Owners Insurance, etc. just curious who all works in the real estate market. I am a Realtor in Prescott, Arizona (Northern AZ) and am curious to see who all is out there...
  4. trent06

    2011 BWDC PMC Racing Recap

    First off I would like to say my brother, Jim Beaver, drove on day one and although bum luck took us out, he is a hell of a wheel man and just as talented as anyone in desert racing behind the wheel. I would gladly have him drive for me at any race! He put on a show in the #8105 and had the...
  5. trent06

    Video TT #15 PMC Racing

    Ride along with TT #15 during the 2011 Parker 425!
  6. trent06

    Online Slot Car Racing

    Check out the link...Free Online Slot Car Racing Good Times...LOL
  7. trent06

    Alaskan Cruiselines???

    Have any of you guys been on any cruise lines or would recommend any specific cruise lines? Planning to go on an Alaskan cruise and am open to suggestions. The two we have been looking at are Holland American and Carnival, but curious as to any others since neither of us have been on a cruise...
  8. trent06

    Video of the Month

    Klaus or Curtis, On the Video of the Month, can you make it available so that the user has control over the video? (Play, Pause, Rewind, FF) The reason I ask is because I really enjoy watching the VOM's, but I also enjoy watching them to see cars and how they work through a section in the...
  9. trent06

    Highlights In-Car Video Check it out...

    Check out some miscellaneous in-car footage from PMC Racing, some new stuff and some old stuff.... From TT #15 and from Stock Full #8105
  10. trent06

    Trophy Truck Team New Website

    Check out the all new and finally updated website for Trophy Truck #15. Look for PMC Racing fielding at least a truck at all the BITD races next year as well as looking to compete in some United States Rally Championship and Rally American events in 2010 as well.
  11. trent06

    Eat your hearts out! Buggy Dorks!

    Somewhere in Arizona!!!!!! 39 VW's and Bus Boxes galore!
  12. trent06

    Prescott Rally Part of USRC Pacific Series

    Just finished my first rally race, started 23rd out of 25 vehicles and I am currently running 12th overall on time. Day 2 tommorow, 150 more miles of racing, hopefully I can break the top ten overall.... Shout Out to Matt, I saw the Taint parked near the cut on the first stage, hope it was...
  13. trent06

    New Team Desert Racing Website

    So after running the domain name the side of the truck for the past year, I have finally gotten a website up and running. I am open to any type of suggestions or criticism you guys have. Also make sure to check out the links page to revert back to RDC!
  14. trent06

    Off-Road Memorabilia, Patches, etc.

    Browsing through some old off-road racing stuff last weekend I came across some old off-road stuff from the early 80's, 90's and thought I would post some of it.
  15. trent06

    Replacing Seat Covers

    Does anyone know what it costs to get new seat covers made for a suspension seat? Thinking about getting some of my current suspension seats replaced with new covers that arent faded etc, and that actually have belt retainers. So anyone know what a price would be for a replacement Mastercraft...
  16. trent06

    Pikes Peak Recap

    My trip started out on Friday by waking up at 4:30 AM to head out to the Prescott airport, to MEET two guys and fly with them up to Colorado Springs, Colorado in a Beechcraft Bonaza V-tail. Having never met either of te two guys I was flying with they did a pretty good job of making the flight...
  17. trent06

    Replacing Helmets after a Rollover...?

    Does anyone know if after a rollover should you replace your helmet with a new one? I dont know if I hit my head on the rollball, cage, etc as there are no scratches/dings on the helmet, etc. but would rather be safe then sorry right? Any suggestions on this? I know the guys from UPR would...
  18. trent06

    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Okay so whose your picks this year to take home the cup! My pick is the same as last year, but hopefully a different outcome!!!! My Stanley Cup finals prediction is the Penguins vs. Sharks with the Pens winning in 7! However here are my first round picks.... Eastern Conference...
  19. trent06

    Lowrance GPS Questions

    My first question is has anyone used the Lowrance 5200C GPS in a race car or pre-runner. How is it compared to the 540 Baja C? To me it seems like almost identical to the 540 C, but then again I am not the GPS expert...
  20. trent06

    ESPN The Streak Win 1 Million $$$$$!!!!

    For you fantasy players out there here is another chance to win one million bucks! has something called the streak where if you guess 25 games correctly you win 1 million dollars. All you need is a valid email address. Here are the rules posted by ESPN's site. 1. Predict the...