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  1. 86F-onefifty

    14 bolt axle advice needed

    The stock, 8.5in. 10 bolt axle under my Silverado is about to leave the building, and I'm not interested in reusing it...So, I'm in the process of building a 6-lug, 10.5in, 14 bolt FF axle. Nothing against the Ford 9in., I just want to try something different. The issue I'm facing now is...
  2. 86F-onefifty

    Jerico Tansmission??

    Anyone think a 4 speed Jerico is a desert-worthy transmission for a toyota pickup? Would be for play/prerun but I want to set the truck up to race eventually. My options are either run the Jerico or sell it and put in a Culhane built manual valve-bodied automatic...have both auto and manual...
  3. 86F-onefifty

    FlatWheel Productions//Photography

    May 9, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE El Cajon, CA - FlatWheel Productions is pleased to announce that we are reducing prices and adding new options on all photo prints available in our online gallery. Most photos are discounted 50% off or more. We have added two new sizes for you to choose...
  4. 86F-onefifty

    McNeil Testing Video/Pics/Story

    A little late on my post but.... August 26th; McNeil Racing & FW-Productions went on an early morning test session at Plaster City CA. The big plan was to give Perry's latest work a solid shakedown after its extensive rebuild; This old class 8 f150 has come a long way. Also in attendance...
  5. 86F-onefifty

    Millermatic DVI?

    Does anybody have any experiences with this welder? Just wondering because the multi-voltage power feature sounds really trick, and I'm thinking about getting one of these. We are eyeing this one because the welder will be used both in the shop and at home. Millermatic DVI
  6. 86F-onefifty

    coolant catch/recirc. ideas?

    I have nowhere for the oem coolant overflow tank on my truck since adding the fiberglass fenders. I was planning on using a large plastic bottle (maybe Gatorade?). Has anyone tried this, and what do I need to have for proper recirculation of overflow'ed coolant? thanks for any input
  7. 86F-onefifty

    Strongest Balljoints? where

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a really strong balljoint, for an upper arm. All I've found so far is the Cone b/j from Autofab, and that runs for 300/each. Is there any alternative?...maybe make a uniball assembly that mounts like the balljoint? I ask because my chevy 1500 has a fabtech...
  8. 86F-onefifty

    Whats up RDC

    My name is Paul Hawley, 17 years old, from El Cajon CA. I've been reading RDC for a long time and have learned a lot, it's a great offroad family on here.. I go to the MDR/Fud races whenever possible. My bike is a '01 YZ125. Here's me: Here are my trucks: The DD the project