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  1. cusico

    Steel Buildings

    Looking for a pre-fab steel building erector /contractor in so cal. grading and foundation Will be done prior. who has a good lead on a reliable source? thanks
  2. cusico

    Chase truck rear suspension

    Just seeing what everyone is running with a heavy utility bed. Super duty 99+ or other 1 ton SRW rear leaf spring setups. Airbags? HD leaf pack and a block to clear a 35/37? Helwig swaybays setup?
  3. cusico

    SIK or Sick Fabrications in Corona

    Due to legal reasons, I cannot go into detail openly. I was referred to this place for a simple repaint and parts swap on a truck and it turned aggressive and criminal towards myself. Both the Auto Club (AAA) and Myself have not received the products paid for. The Riverside County District...
  4. cusico

    BFG national back order

    I know BFG is a huge company in off-road so I'll take this issue up here. First off BFG and Michelin have supported my endeavors since day one and I am loyal to date on work trucks, chase trucks, trailers, dirt bikes, rally cars, etc on using their family of brands. That said, I cannot get my...
  5. cusico

    Chains, Masterlinks and tools

    I am a big fan of the search engine on here, but I had no luck. What is your chain setup for desert racing on a bike? D.I.D.? RK? 520 erv3 with rivet masterlink? Rivet masterlink or clip style? Do you carry two/three clip style masterlinks as spares? Do you carry five/ten?? extra links...
  6. cusico

    Looking for a rider - B1K 2015

    We are looking for a solid rider to fill out our program. Us: Vet riders not going for the overall. New Bike/KTM. Chase truck/spares/bike costs covered. You: Safe, competent, responsible, safe, able to pay for split per-run costs and split race costs, safe, not a flake. Must carry all...
  7. cusico

    My dearest KTM,

    Why did you leave me stranded in the Sierra wilderness last weekend? I care for you, buy you nice things to look great in, take you out all the time, praise you to my friends and family, and you left me for dead at dusk. I hope we can make up and move forward. Was it jealousy of the new KTM I...
  8. cusico

    Telkla administrators

    So it may be for the classifieds but trying this as well. Looking for someone versed in Tekla Structures with a focus on structural steel detailing. Pay is based on experience and abilities but the person I'm looking for is $100k plus per year if you are truly the best with a minimum of 8...
  9. cusico

    OFF ROAD Community Vendor Directory

    I put together a starter list of Companies and People that are involved in OFF-ROAD and we should be giving them an opportunity first with our money. I started the Directory based on this post, which is great, yet trying to go through...
  10. cusico

    Super Duty sector shaft. Please beware and drive/chase safe!

    I know this may not be the best forum area but I feel it is a safety issue. Today 15 at Deer springs rd the sector shaft sheared on my 2001 Ford f350 cc 4x4 like most of us chase with. 75 in the slow lane, instant shear no warning, instant left into traffic and then hit the center divider...
  11. cusico

    55 Gallon Fuel Drums

    Does anyone have one or two empty 55 gallon fuel drums. All the race fuel drums I have given away, but now need one for chase truck mock up just to be 100% on dimensions. So cal area is best. Thanks
  12. cusico

    Stolen BFG Rally tires

    To all, I had a large lot of BFG gravel rally tires stolen today 1/27/12 from my house in Murrieta CA. The size stolen was 195/15 in gravel spec. Rare is an understatement with these rally tires. They will pop up due to their limited production. Their were brand new. Please PM me with any...
  13. cusico

    Dry break

    I have searched and searched, and no real answer on what everyone runs for a dry break system. Which brand, which size? I am say fuelsafe 2.5 inch??
  14. cusico

    Your Mill, My cash

    I need a machinist to machine a fixture "bar" on a vertical mill. Simple stuff, but the two machinist/race shop I dropped it at have not touched it. In Corona/Temecula area would be best. Must work off simple hand drawings, nothing cnc all manual. PM me if you can or know someone.
  15. cusico

    Painter Review in So Cal.

    I am looking for a great painter that can do FACTORY FINISH work. Nothing more, just showroom fresh. I have been around the block with 7 different painters over the years, and they all have their downfalls. Items have been; overspray on everything!!!, never finish their work, horrible...
  16. cusico

    Radiator Mounting Input

    I need pictures of how your Aluminum Radiators are mounted, as I have had two radiators crack at the tubes leading into the header panel/tank. It is built no different from every other one I have seen, and the people I talked with say there is nothing wrong with the mounts, or the silicone hose...
  17. cusico

    Super Duty Traction bars

    I know the correct zero bind setup of a floating shackle is the best way. But... What has been the experience out there with the solid mount, two rod end setup like this picture? I tried to get ahold of Greg Foutz who built the ones above for the Great White Super Duty in Off-Road...
  18. cusico

    Fuel Safe. Pickup lines that work.

    So pickup lines can great. some are cheesy, a few get you laid, most are corny. I want to hear some good ones if you got them. maybe next time I will have a pickup line that works. What type/brand of fuel hose has been holding up? I know this has been in a thread before, I just can't find...
  19. cusico

    Top Quality fab plus a good reputation in so cal?

    Someone please tell me a fab shop that comes through, and does high end work. The quality needs to be F1/high end trophy truck/WRC/ ETC level work. My project needs a little bit of work to get it to the next step, maybe 7-10 real work days on it. The people I know are busy. Any ideas...
  20. cusico

    Rancho Ford Temecula

    Hate to do this, as I might be a "one off case", so before I tell the truth, Is there anyone here on RDC that works there, and might be able to REALLY FIX (Owner/Service or General Manager) fix my major service issue I had/am having with my F350. I am giving a far chance to talk, shoot...