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  1. MThieriot

    mint 400 starting order?

    can someone give me the mint 400 starting order for class 1? Thanks
  2. MThieriot

    starting order at mint 400?

    anyone heard the starting order for class 1 at mint 400 or know how i can find out?
  3. MThieriot

    Looking for new team...

    Due to change in interests i will not be racing with "Lucky Sperm Racing" any more and am looking for a team who needs an extra driver. I have been racing for a couple years now and split the driving for the entire 2007 SCORE season in class 1. I also have some experience racing a 1600 car with...
  4. MThieriot

    Robby Withdrew?

    I was just looking at the score entry list for terribles cup and it says that RG withdrew yesterday. anyone know anything about this???
  5. MThieriot

    which class 1 car do you think will win terribles...

    Pat Dean Luis Ramirez Jr. Dale Ebberts Eric Chase Larry Roeseler Jeff Farris Robert Ross B.J. Richardson Daniel Myers Billy Gasper Vincent DeJong James Scott Josh Baldwin Barry Blue Max Thieriot Brian Kirby
  6. MThieriot

    forgot to congratulate u dan!

    hey dan, i never got a chance to tell u great job at the 250.( kinda busy with all the traffic leaving and stuff) but congrats man! great job u and caleb both. good luck at the 500! max.-
  7. MThieriot

    hello my name is Max

    hey everyone my name is Max Thieriot and i live in occidental California.