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  1. zjohnson

    I noticed that you were inquiring about a "chassis kit" - I have one chassis still ready to go -...

    I noticed that you were inquiring about a "chassis kit" - I have one chassis still ready to go - I could provide all chassis parts for you to weld - or a tacked chassis depending on what your preference is. All laser cut and bent...
  2. zjohnson

    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    Quite simply the beat drivers in off road racing are all in trophy trucks with the beat equipment available. If you were to spend the same budget and put a top driver in a class 1 car you would see them perform like they do in BITD. In score you start behind so many slower trophy truck drivers...
  3. zjohnson

    Burleson class 1

    Not the Old Jim Price single seater, although that did had some influence on the design of this vehicle, along with the Castex raceco and scalzo/sproule aceco truggies. We wanted to go outside the traitional box of class 1/TT and use some of the components that are now available and have proven...
  4. zjohnson

    Fn Dynamics Chikilines Racing Chassis Build

    So I let this thread die . . . but I'm back to revive it. Building another one of these as a play car for a friend and then I'm thinking about finishing the last chassis more along the width of a traditional 10 car, then offering it as a roller for play/race. the car as it currently sits is...
  5. zjohnson

    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    1574? Thanks
  6. zjohnson

    Juanco Contact info/Address/Email

    Been trying to get in contact with Juanco for an adapter plate for a new 7100 truck build. Any one have a phone number or anything better than the website or facebook page?
  7. zjohnson

    Winner, winner: PDiddy and T-Clarke

    Congrats to the entire crew, Travis and Pat way to drive a smart and great race with that awesome built car that Jamie @ Raceco makes! Glad to see the new trailing arms on the top step of the podium!
  8. zjohnson

    Will Trophy Truck drivers change to 4x4

    Time will tell. I still believe its the cost and lack of R & D on the 4wd setup that is its downfall. In off road racing, simplicity rules, and the speed these trucks go thru holes I don't think you want to compromise with the front geometry required to run a 4wd setup. I'm really interested...
  9. zjohnson

    Off Road Racers Hand Book

    From my experience in mexico I would say a lot of the emphasis needs to be put into the crews behaving safely. I like the idea of all the pit crews having a base understanding of safety procedures, but it is mexico and how can that be policed. (I think the best way is to hold all other chase...
  10. zjohnson

    V2R @@PICTURES@@ From RM 34

  11. zjohnson

    Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

    The radio and intercom placement on the ceiling is pretty damn cool! Awesome truck and great work all around! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. zjohnson

    Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

    Nice to see you guys building a full TT. I've always liked the trucks you guys put out and the performance speaks for itself!
  13. zjohnson

    Who to have build a class 10 car

    Take your pick, Raceco or GET Performance. Two of the best 10 cars available.
  14. zjohnson

    The worlds top off-road vehicle fabricators?

    I've got to agree with Craig on this. There are some super talented and dedicated guys in this industry that most people don't know. I am super stoked to get to work with two of the guys on this list on a regular basis. Jamie @ Raceco USA is one of the most dedicated guys in the industry and...
  15. zjohnson

    Starting at the Top, not the Bottom...

    Scott Whipple raced two years with Scott Gailey in the Canidae class 10 car, class 10 championship in MORE with three race wins, then SCORE series for a year, second in points with a true grit award.
  16. zjohnson

    My Mint 400 #@PICTURES#@ from RM75

    CBR 6128? Thanks Or 2446 GET Black Turbo Car
  17. zjohnson

    who makes these class 1 bodies?

    So some shots without a painted body. 1st testing session with mini A-10 - Systems XT Finish Body mounted Alpha body mockup and transformation to the Mini Alpha
  18. zjohnson

    My 2015 Parker 425 Photos

    Any of 6128? CBR Truck Thanks
  19. zjohnson

    -MY design style-

    Upper Arms look sweet! I've wanted to do a set like that for a while but just haven't found the right project.
  20. zjohnson

    New Armada Engineering Trophy Truck

    That truck is beautiful. Nice to see the quality work and hope I get to look at this truck up close at the mint!