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  1. Tony C

    Remembering Wally World...

    Best story I can remember is from Lake Havasu at Sand Hill and Kim is cutting limes directly on the fresh paint job Wally just put on his boat. #toomanyzimas He wasn't even pissed ! Fun time.
  2. Tony C

    Fastest class 10 rebels past to present.

    Irvine/Trenholm, Church, Sourapas/Richardson, Croll, Wehe, Penhall/Erl, Ellison, Yee, Hardesty
  3. Tony C

    Kreisler Raceco's-where r they now?

    Gary Haugley at B & R Buggies in Oceanside has the Grove Lumber 2 seat Raceco mounted on the outside of his building. It was damaged beyond repair during a fun run so he saved the good side and made it a building sign !
  4. Tony C

    What do you wear under your fire-suit?

    Exactly, we are not out there just ride'n around in our dune buggy !
  5. Tony C

    What do you wear under your fire-suit?

    I think the image that Danny posted is a message without words, survival. Hopefully some of the 4700+ people that have viewed this thread will upgrade or add to their race equipment for fire protection. Wear all the gear all the time.
  6. Tony C

    What do you wear under your fire-suit?

    I believe his gloves were 2 layer, but he had them directly exposed to the fire when trying to unlatch the window net on the drivers side. Some of the burns are steam related due to sweat. Hopefully Danny will bring in his own view on this topic after V to R. @ JoeyD23 good to see that you...
  7. Tony C

    What do you wear under your fire-suit?

    Look at the You Tube video " 2012 Baja 1000 Car Fire # 149 it should help you purchase every piece of fire protection that is available to you. Do not cheap out, you spent a lot of time and money to go racing , be safe while your enjoying your hard work. Danny Ebberts survived this fire because...
  8. Tony C

    Jeremy McGrath no longer with Stronghold

    I agree with Pat, IMO Greeves was a more solid team with focus on perfect trucks every race.
  9. Tony C

    True cowboys of the sport ?

    I agree, no communication just Stuck Stubs !
  10. Tony C

    Sky Cinema Aerial Photography 2013 HDRA South Point Vegas 250

    Very cool video, it needs to go back to the 1 st page!
  11. Tony C

    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at

    # 6,339 and posted to Facebook
  12. Tony C

    Whats it going to take ?

    I saw this product and thought that all the fuels should be wearing this along with their nomex / carbonx fire suits, gloves, shoes, helmets. Printable version GAS MAN FUEL APRON-SFI APRROVED GAS MAN FUEL APRON-SFI...
  13. Tony C

    Whats it going to take ?

    The latch is mounted on the top right corner from the drivers seat, it was giving him a hard time as he was attempting to exit the car during the fire. The net would not open forcing him to exit through the pass. side opening allowing him to dive out into clear air rather than into the fire. The...
  14. Tony C

    Whats it going to take ?

    His gloves were burned through in a few places but but I could not imagine how bad his hands would have been it they were Mechanix style gloves. I know a lot of drivers use the mechanix gloves but look at the pictures above and these burns are with Carbonx protection.
  15. Tony C

    Whats it going to take ?

    Good to see we are keeping this topic forward towards making changes in fueling safety. I think that this should apply to all classes using tower rigs or dump cans. The crew members and drivers must wear the proper safety gear along with the proper fire extinguisher products to put a fire out...
  16. Tony C

    Remember Bob Giese? Dude has a website!

    He lives right up the street from me here in Canyon Lake. He works at a welding supply store in Temecula and builds engines in the back of the shop when it's slow.
  17. Tony C

    Fuel tower????

    This is a great topic and good ideas from different race teams lets keep it going and on the front page.
  18. Tony C

    Baja fun report for car 147 - Southern crew. Part 2

    Good story, continue...
  19. Tony C

    Car 149 Fire Baja 1000 Danny Ebberts

    This is a good thing to know that other teams are taking notice of this horrific accident and are installing changes in their teams fueling proceedures. Lets all use this a a learning tool. Post up your safety gear suggestions or the equipment you team will be using from now on.
  20. Tony C

    Car 149 Fire Baja 1000 Danny Ebberts

    Watch how fast this all happens. Very scary!