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  1. Tony C

    Empi / Race Trim off-road wheel

    Has anyone used this wheel, specifically in class 1? I was just curious to see how it holds up to the heavier faster cars punishment? Feel free to chime in good or bad ! WHL-E9767-R4* Race Trim Bead Lock Wheel, 15 X 12 5/205
  2. Tony C

    Where to find race results from the past?

    Does anybody know if there is a site with race results from past seasons from SCORE , BITD, SNORE ect.. As far back as the late 80s - 90's ? Point me in the right direction if you can, Thanks TC :cool:
  3. Tony C

    TT 12 where are you?

    Looks like the # 12 TT team of Larry Ragland pulled a fast one on everybody late yesterday afternoon. Their Ionearth tracker shows them at the fishing village of San Quintin. I thought one of the toughest comptetors was out... But noooo he is still in this deal and a possiable top 3 finish...
  4. Tony C

    Give some Props. to Dale Ebberts

    I just finished reading my newest Dirt Sports mag, and the official press release from SCORE of the official starters, here on RDC. Both have Robby Gordon' s 2nd drivers named as Bob Gordon(SCORE) and (Dirt Sports) has Brian Ickler. Just wanted to post a correction: Dale Ebberts a 2 time Class 1...
  5. Tony C

    Hello My Name is Tony C

    I have been going to the desert to play and race as long as I can remember I started riding motorcycles at 4 yrs. old I have put in some time on a few different race teams in the past helping with race prep. and chase duties. My biggest racing accomplishment to date I feel proud to claim is...