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  1. Dave Simpson

    RIP Art Savedera

    What a huge loss. Art was always part of our team and a great asset to our sport. He will be missed and live s on in our hearts. Prayers to Art and his family.
  2. Dave Simpson

    GoFundMe fundraiser for Leeanne, SoCal shark attack victim

    Yes I will Happy to help out
  3. Dave Simpson

    Fundraiser for Coco's Corner truck

    Be glad to help out. Coco has been a huge supporter of our sport for many years.
  4. Dave Simpson

    Baja 500 and 1000 Course Maps!!!!

    Curtis is "Go Left" on Race Dezert his site is Murdock Nav
  5. Dave Simpson

    please say a prayer, or whatever you do.....for casey folks

    Casey is the real deal. Such a supportive, giving and wonderful man. My prayers go out to you my friend.
  6. Dave Simpson

    BAJA RALLY 2017

    This is an awesome group of guys that organize this event. Lots of fun. Baja and motorcycle Rallye at its best. Come join the fun
  7. Dave Simpson


    Thanks short bus. What can I say I'm oxygen starved.
  8. Dave Simpson


    This was going from Argentina into Chile. 1994 Camel Trophy About 14,685 ft
  9. Dave Simpson

    The OG "Never Forget"...

    Thanks for Posting. Here is a little known family story. My Grandfather was a lifer in the Navy. He was stationed in Pear Harbor when it got attacked. My father was 9 years old at the time - he and my Grandmother lived in Hawaii and watched the bombing. My Grandfather's ship was not docked...
  10. Dave Simpson

    Passing of Mel Tyree

    This was Mel at Riverside in 1977.
  11. Dave Simpson

    Passing of Mel Tyree

    Not sure if the Off Road Community knows or not so I apologize if this is old news or a repost. One of our sports greats recently passed away – Mel Tyree. Mel was one of the early pioneers in our sport. He ran a class 12 car back in the day and won everything in sight. Mel and his shop...
  12. Dave Simpson

    Old off-road pics

    Good times for sure!
  13. Dave Simpson

    Pike Peak Meadows 1981

    That was a great race. We won Class 2 Here we stand with my hero Walt Lott seems like yesterday
  14. Dave Simpson

    Old off-road pics

    Thanks guys! Yes those early "Superman" years were a blast! And yes Jeff Mer-Sim is Simpson. Partnership in Auto Parts stores and Warehouse 1960-1990. And I didn't roll Blackie the F150 Kevin did Ha. Bust glad you BFG guys were there to pick up the pieces. This is recent Father/ Son...
  15. Dave Simpson

    Old off-road pics

    Top photo is our Dads Class 5 race car from 1972. Below is our tribute car we built in honor of them some 36 years later.
  16. Dave Simpson

    Bronco prerunners

    Wish I was down there now.
  17. Dave Simpson

    A sad day for the off-road racing community,the passing of Beny Canela

    Attached is a photo from a Race run out of Laguna Salada back in 1974. Benny was running an open class 5 car as was my Dad and his partner Dale Webb. What really sticks out was how friendly Benny was to us and to Dads. They were competitors but hit it off very well. Through the Years I'm...
  18. Dave Simpson

    Beer & Ice Cream Wild Hair Funco Build

    You guys be safe. I have a garage full of spair parts and pieces if you need anything.
  19. Dave Simpson

    Beer & Ice Cream Wild Hair Funco Build

    You guys have done a great job with both of these cars. Bud and Malcolm have been a huge inspiration throughout the years - both on the track and off. Thanks for sharing the photo guys.
  20. Dave Simpson

    2015 Dakar Stage 10 CALAMA -> SALTA

    We all said the same thing when these cars showed up