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  1. Viola1685

    RPS Contact info

    Just recently picked up an rps pro2 and have some questions on the build of the truck and other questions regarding it and looking if anyone has the contact info for the guys who used to own rps.
  2. Viola1685

    Protruck info

    Looking for the current owner of protruck if there is one and contact info for them. Any help greatly appreciated
  3. Viola1685

    V2R Big Teams Missing

    After sitting at work all day watching the tracker I noticed that there were some big team names missing from the trick truck class. Where were the Mcmillins, Sourpas, and BJ? Those were the ones off the top of my head I noticed missing from the racing action, Im sure there were more but just...
  4. Viola1685

    Mint 400 Class 10's

    I did not race the mint this year but have in previous and its the same as before. Class 10 is in my mind the 3rd/4th fastest class out there for the weekend yet we keep being treated like a red headed step child. Why did the class 10's have to race the Sunday morning race with a Grand Prix...
  5. Viola1685

    Viola Racing 1033 Ridgecrest Recap

    Having never raced the Motion Tire 250 before we didn't know what we were getting in to. The crew had gotten there on Wednesday Night with the prerunner and set up camp. The crew got a few laps in on Thursday before I could get there and were reporting back on how rough the course was...
  6. Viola1685

    2018 Lucas oil southern ca regional schedule

    I'm new to the short course scene but when will the regional series schedule be posted?
  7. Viola1685

    Viola Racing 1033 Day 1 BAP Lap 1

    Here's the first lap having to start behind all the 10's 12's and 5 unimiteds. We didn't decide until Friday that we were going to race it after Parker.
  8. Viola1685

    Las Vegas Dezert People Premiere

    Wednesday September 21st is the premiere of the new Dezert People movie at Viola's Tavern in Las Vegas. Fast Aid will be having a raffle to support a great cause. We have 4 race cars right now but still looking for more. Also Tracy Graf and Bean have offered up a ride in the Trophy Truck as a...
  9. Viola1685

    1033 Viola Racing Mint 400 Video

  10. Viola1685

    Mint 400 lost and found

    We had our 8 inch rigid light bar fall off had a 1033 stamp on it.
  11. Viola1685

    Henderson 250 Pics

    Where are they all? Been trying since the race to find some from Henderson. It was our first race in the class 10 but cant seem to find them.
  12. Viola1685

    Viola Racing 1033 Test

  13. Viola1685

    Las Vegas Dezert People 12 Premiere

    Its that time of year again so make sure if you want to catch the premiere in Las Vegas you stop by Viola's Tavern & Gaming September 14th. We have all kinds of great specials going on that night. Also we are looking for race cars and or prerunners to have on display. If you would like to...
  14. Viola1685

    Class10 35 inch tire

    Curious as to who in class 10 is running the 35 and what they think compared to a 33 toyo.
  15. Viola1685

    snore 250 lost and found

    About a mile or two past pit b I lost my spare. Its a brand new yokahama traction service on new centerline wheel. It was there all 4 laps
  16. Viola1685

    Las Vegas Dezert People Premiere

    Tuesday 23rd at Viola's Tavern on Rancho Dr. at 4061 N. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas 89130 Extended Happy Hour until 9pm Azunia Tequila Specials ALL NIGHT LONG Race cars, prerunner, and 4x4's on display New sound system on the 80inch tv. Fast Aid Raffle Last year was a huge turnout and this year...
  17. Viola1685

    Viola's Tavern 2nd Annual Vegas to Reno Post Time Trial Party

    With Vegas to Reno right around the corner we are going to start promoting this again. August 13th 2014 we will be having our post time trial party starting at 6pm. In case you forget what it was like last year check our facebook page where you can see the pictures. We will be having a prerunner...