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  1. FIGGY

    robby gordon not in the irc tracking

    hey guys first thing i did was get all my set up ready so i can keep track of the race as i know alot of you guys will also. and im on the irc tracking and were you check off names to see what drivers you want to follow robby gordan aint there wtf.
  2. FIGGY

    5.7 vortec carb install

    hey whats up guys was wondering if anyone knows about the 5.7 vortec and if it is a pain in the ass to install a carb and installing a manifold. i have a 97 chevy and i just want to get rid of the computer and go a little more old school. i pretty much know what im going to do, im just...
  3. FIGGY

    Again more i beam talk...

    OK heres my question on the i beam set up from what i know about i beams, i here that the best beams that last a beating are the ones off the fords in mid 70s. ok does anybody have any pics or set up of these beams on a fullsize for or ranger. i know the leducs truck had these types of beams on...
  4. FIGGY

    Really low priced HID..

    hey i was wondering if anyone has ran the HIDs they sell at checkers auto parts or kragen auto. ther 7" lights there running for 97.99 or 99 something around there. they look really nice i wouldnt mind buying. anyone out there got any info on these.
  5. FIGGY

    Crf450r vs. Crf450x

    Hey guys im new to this bike forum. i had a question on the 450r. Im pretty familiar with it but I ve been wanting to buy a 450x so i cant get out in the desert and pretty much do more distance longer desert trips. So i was comparing the 450r and the 450x and i know the compresion is the same...
  6. FIGGY

    Vortec 5.7l swap with 6.0

    i got 5.7 on a 97 chevy truck gonna put a 6.0. any ideas if its gonna fit right in and if i would have to make any motor mount changes or fabrications before putin it in. any one know on the computer set up if the 5.7 computer fits or i will have to change the computer. thanks :)
  7. FIGGY


    Trophy truck
  8. FIGGY

    Hello my names figgy

    I worked for cst. We race trophy truck.