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    Baja 500 prerun

    Hey all. Wondering if anyone is prerunning from mikes to Vicente Guerrero Monday 5/27/2019 and has an open seat. Can help with food and gas. I have my own chaser and would meet you down there. My prerunner will not be ready in time and I’m kind of in a jam. PM me you can help thanks - mike
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    baja ta 32x9.50x15

    anyone have any feedback on this tire. I heard some 1600s ran with it at rage. thinking of making the switch next year.
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    Fuel mileage question

    I just bought a used 4 seat prerunner with a vortec 4.3 6 cyl Chevy motor and mendi 4 speed trans. Runs 35 generals, not to heavy and moves pretty good. Just wondering what kind of fuel mileage should I expect with this setup. Motor runs on pump gas and I believe it's fuel injected. Has a...
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    33x10.50x15 bfg baja ta discontinued?

    anyone know if its true the 33x10.50 baja ta is discontinued? tried calling jackson motorsports but there closed for the day, tire is no longer on website. only tire available in that size that i saw was the mud /all terrain.
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    Sequential trans question

    Hello, is anyone running a clutch stopper on there pedal. I heard it was a good idea so you don't have to go all the way in when shifting using there clutch. Any pics of there setups. Thx - Mike Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Bfg pit meeting?

    Unfortunately we are still getting our car ready for the race and I'm not going to be able to make it to the bfg pit meeting tomorrow. I was wondering if someone going can do me a favor and sign me up and pick up my pit books. I don't need to drop off any spare or parts, just using bfg as an...
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    Rzr recalls

    Just received a recall notice from Polaris about my Rzr xp1000, there are 5 open recalls having to due with potential fire dangers. Called dealer, I'm number 100+ on the list since Polaris has not even shipped the dealer the parts, problem is I'm racing the Baja 500 and my Rzr was going to be...
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    1 or 2 seater?

    Si I'm looking at a class 1600 single seat car. I've been racing with a co-dawg since I started racing. What are the pros and cons of racing alone? I know there's a lot of 1-10- 1600 and 12 cars that are single seat and have great results. What are your thoughts- mike Sent from the RDC Mobile...
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    baja 500 race reports/videos.

    thought I would start a thread for people to share there Baja 500 race report, or post any in car video from the race.
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    rzr xp100 4 seater good for prerunning?

    im new to the utvs and wondering if you guys think a new 2015 rzr xp1000 4 seater will make a good prerunner. what type of mods will be necessary? im thinking race radio and headsets right away, maybe a gps and aftermarket cage. anything else?
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    Just read a post on fb about klaus getting into some kind of problem in chile because of robby g. What's the scoop? Hope everything is good.
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    baja 1000 race reports.

    how did your Baja 1000 go. anyone want to share there experience?the good, the bad, the ugly, lets hear it!
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    keeping water cold in camel back?

    im racing this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to keep water cold in camel back.i was thinking maybe add a piece of dry ice into camel back, not bladder. any tips?
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    Dirt live

    Anyone know if they are going live tonight?
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    dash switches(buttons)

    anyone know whos making these dash switches(buttons). looks cool.seen them in a lot of tt.
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    baja 250 live tech feed

    is score having a live feed from tech today?
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    dakar opening ceromonies live
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    standing for the cure

    hey rdc, my little sister is raising $ for the susan g komen foundtation, her goal is 300 dlls which goes directly to fighting breast cancer. here is the link I told her I would post the link on rdc and see if we can help her reach her goal..thx rdc- mike
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    pit stop fail
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    #1297 A&S RACING record 250 in car..

    Heres a little video i put together from last saturdays race, everything was good until i came in to the finish line a little too hot and got penalized..dropped from 2nd to 3rd..oh well,i wont let that happen again! big thx to the whole crew for all there help and support! enjoy...