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  1. desert hooligan

    What's worse, Baja or Dominican motocross?

  2. desert hooligan

    San Felipe Prerun lost and found

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is down prerunning right now. He lost a spot tracker, SOG knife, and a tool set somewhere between mile 10 and 22. Please send me a PM with any info Thanks
  3. desert hooligan

    2011 AMA Monster Cup

    this sounds pretty interesing. the race will be on october 15 and its supposd to be a half supercross/ half outdoor race at sam boyd stadium. the riders can choose between a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke and they can modify the bikes as much as they want. ooh and the winner get $1,000,00!!!!!!!!! GAME...
  4. desert hooligan

    D37 GP @ Cahuilla Creek MX

    who's going? i will be there racing in the lightweight novice class.
  5. desert hooligan

    BAP car #105 *video*

    its late but i know how much you all love videos. so here's some raw footage from the race.
  6. desert hooligan

    crazy ride with car #105 (video)

    well we almost threw the race away right at the end of the pits. its hard to see but he was perpendicular with the ground.!/video/video.php?v=10150097092729386&subj=100002075347929 i have go pro footage too! i will post it up when its done downloading:D:D:D
  7. desert hooligan

    BAP course maps

    course: qualifying: :D:D:D
  8. desert hooligan

    prepping for paint

    i have a 99 tacoma with full haneman glass. the guy before me spray painted the glass and never waxed it. so the paint is in pretty rough shape so i'm polishing it so a dent guy can come out and pull the dents out. should i sand the fiberglass? anthing else i should do?
  9. desert hooligan

    the most beautiful sound known to man...

    need i say more?
  10. desert hooligan

    New Years in Octillio

    here is a little video i threw together when i got home today. its my first video with the new go-pro so i'm open to criticism. ENJOY!
  11. desert hooligan

    who's going where?

    here is what i have so far. will post more up dates as they come Brett Metcalfe - Rockstar/ Makita/ Suzuki Davi Millsaps - JGR Yamaha Trey Canard - Factory Honda #41 Wil Hahn - Geico Honda #32 Andrew Short - Decoster KTM Travis Baker - TLD/ Lucas oil Honda if you hear anything please...
  12. desert hooligan

    ford 3.0 v6, is this normal?

    looking for a ford ranger and i have been noticing that when you rev the motor up to 3000 rpm, while the truck is stationary, it almost sounds as if the motor is missing? is this normal for rangers? Randy
  13. desert hooligan

    The Ranch

    new mx park in anza. looks pretty awesome
  14. desert hooligan

    AMA motocross live lap times

    its bout 9:30 here's the link
  15. desert hooligan

    Epic office prank!

    just when you thought office pranks couldn't go any further!
  16. desert hooligan

    first desert race

    i am looking to do my first desert race. i have been doing some research but i want do do a race that doesnt require all of this memberships nonsense, i just want something i can just sighn up for and go have fun.i have a stock crf 250 (if it matters). it would be of much help if i could get...
  17. desert hooligan

    AE .15 motor question

    i recently traded a guitar for an associated rc10 gt. it had a blown motor in it but the carb was still good, my dad has the same car with the same motor but the carb was bad. so me and my buddy put the good carb on the good motor and had it running up and down the drive way. i could only get it...
  18. desert hooligan

    is the economy really that good?

    i only see 4 ads in the "off road vehilces" section of the classifieds? or am i the only one?:confused:
  19. desert hooligan

    3-link vs. 4-link?

    I am looking for a truck to buy and would like to know what the pro's and con's are on the 3-link and the 4-link, is one stronger than the other, does one have more travel, and which one is cheaper? if this is a re-post just give me a link i was too lazy
  20. desert hooligan


    found this on the mastercraft website and thought it was preety cool sorry if it's a repost