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  1. Jkrell

    Vapor Lock

    In years of racing in hot California high deserts i've never had the issue, and rarely hear about it, curious what all the factors are that have made it happen in South America and how the teams are fixing it down there. So I get that its altitude and heat, but how can it be fixed? Why isn't...
  2. Jkrell

    f250 stolen at parker this morning

    99 Ford f250 White crew cab, rdm offroad sticker in back window. Please call crit police or my cell at 9092637525 if seen at the race. Thanks
  3. Jkrell

    Miter Band Saw Recommendation Wanted

    tired of the standard chop saw for cutting, considering whats available out there in the 2-3k range for a good band saw option. Here is the one from Baileigh that looks nice $2100 Here is the Kama saw...
  4. Jkrell

    Crossroads Fabrication heads to Argentina for the 2010 Dakar Rally

    Crossroads Fabrication heads to Buenos Aires, Argentina to check out the 2010 Dakar Rally and you can follow along with the adventure at the newly launched Crossroads Fabrication website ( and BLOG. Here's our plan: We'll be flying out of Los Angles late Monday...
  5. Jkrell

    Team ATK wins Back to Back Baja 1000 Victories

    Team ATK Skilton/Krellwitz Jeep Wrangler Score Back to Back Baja 1000 Victories The ATK powered Jeep proved its toughness once again at this year’s 42nd running of the SCORE Baja 1000 when it crossed the finish line in Ensenada, Mexico after 24 hours and 11 minutes of brutal Baja racing...
  6. Jkrell

    Building Bridges

    This isn't race car related, but it is a vehicle of sorts and I though people here might think it was cool to check out. If the Mod's dont like it here maybe move it over the the whatever section. We built this bridge as a theatrical stage set for an upcoming production of Les Miserables by...
  7. Jkrell

    Ring Rolled Square Tubing

    This isn't race car related, but its fabrication related. I'm building this bridge/stage setup for the Foothill Childrens Theater production of Les Miserables. I need a source near pomona for 1 1/2 ring rolled square tube for the center bridge portion. Does anybody here one racedez have the...
  8. Jkrell

    TEAM ATK Parker '09 Race Report

    Team ATK wins the Parker 425 We had a great race at the 2009 Best In The Desert Blue Water Resorts Parker 425 in Parker, Arizona. Last season we won the Jeepspeed unlimited class championship but ended on a bit of a sour note with a wreck at the final race in Henderson, Nevada. That left...
  9. Jkrell

    The Overnight

    I've been apart of the Race-Dez family since pretty much the beginning, and I wanted to share this with everybody to help raise awareness about a very taboo topic in our society that has impacted my family. On June 7th I will be participating in the 20-mile "Out of the Darkness" walk to...
  10. Jkrell

    Jeepspeed 3 SCORE Class 3

    I've been posting all the build pics over on the sight but I thought I throw one up here for the race dez homies. Rolled her out of the shop today for the first time in 10 months. Getting close!
  11. Jkrell

    Lil Mac is no more......

    Just got this email from Matt Vogler and it pretty much bummed me out. Not sure if this has been posted up here already, but lil mac was one of the coolest trucks ever, with an unbelievable win ratio, so I thought I would share. RIP "Just to let all you guys know that Little Mac will never...
  12. Jkrell

    Fuel Cell Ground Clearance at Full Bump

    Looking for some knowledgebase. Bottom of fuel cell to ground at full bump on a mini truck? I was initially thinking 8", but i've been looking around at some pictures of other trucks and it would appear that they have a lot more. Anybody have any opinions/pictures of setups that have been...
  13. Jkrell

    3/16 cold roll 4130

    Anybody know a good source in Southern california to purchase a 2 foot x 4 foot piece? Aircraft Spruce only carries hot roll. Thanks.
  14. Jkrell

    Jeepspeed Carnage Repair

    This got started in the main forum but I thought I would start a thread here in the Fab section for those who are interested in watching the repair. We got caught in the Pile up at Mile 2 at Parker this year.... First night at the shop cutting it apart a couple days ago...
  15. Jkrell

    Stockmini and Stockfulls in San Felipe?

    Just wondering what other stock mini and stock full trucks are planning on racing San Felipe? I'm heading down to help out the Skiltons in the Ridgeline....seems like more and more stock trucks these days, good to see, good for our sport.
  16. Jkrell

    Electrically actuated lightbar setup

    I know it's been done before but there aren't too many pics out there so I thought I would post some in case anybody else was interested in making one similiar. Not too difficult, just a little time consuming. The linear actuator came from McMaster-Carr for about 200 bucks, rated to 300 pounds...
  17. Jkrell

    Needed - 7s rule clarification / pics

    One of my customers was recently told by Bill savage that on his toyota 7s truck the shackle pivot point could NOT be placed above or through the frame - in effect that it must stay below the frame as it was stock. But i'm thinking how many toyotas and chevy 7s trucks have i seen out there with...
  18. Jkrell

    Building the impossible = Baja Winner!!

    WE WON BAJA!! Jason Lafortune along with 11 other baja rookies took the baja win yesterday in a lil over 28 hours with an average mile per hour of just over 37 mph. What a blast we had. I drove from insurgentes to the finish. Some REALLY fast stuff, and then some of the roughest terrain I...
  19. Jkrell

    Rear end question

    Inside of a toyta 8" housing there are small tin pieces within the axle tubes that I am assuming were designed for containing oil to the 3rd member. The problem is that with hard offroad abuse these thin pieces bend, fall out of there little slots, and begin rubbing on the axles. Has anybody...
  20. Jkrell

    1450 Night Race Roll Call

    I wasn't planning on racing this summer but with prerunner class entries reaching record proportions and old rivals nearing points leadership I decieded to take the ol' Duffco toyota outa moth balls and see if I can't cause some helll at the night race. So who's in... -ol' leadfoot wil be OUT...