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  1. WastedWages

    2011 Barstow Poker Run

    On the web site show the event being held April 30 & May 1 2011 , and then again on Nov 5th & 6th 2011 . Any one know if these are still happening ?
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    SNORE 250 is moving to Ridgecrest, CA! Oct. 22nd

    Have always enjoyed the Ridgecrest races in the past , look forward to this one as well ! Way to go SNORE with staying on top of the game and showing other org. how to put on top notch race and making them affordable to the little guys !
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    Cherokee Prerunner Build

    Very nice Cherokee !
  4. WastedWages

    2010 Baja 1000 Photos, Pre-run, Contingency or just around Ensenada...

    Tech and Contingency Pic's Where's the pictures from Tech and Contingency ? Those of us at home want to see !
  5. WastedWages

    12 cars unite ???2011 Season??

    That sucks Billy sorry to hear that ! Hope you heal fast !
  6. WastedWages

    12 cars unite ???2011 Season??

    Keep it a real 12 car no WATER COOLED allowed .
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    Laughlin Rage at the River Dec. 10th -12th

    Testing this weekend , and hopefully race ready ! Looking forward to it .
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    MDR 200 Memorial

    Very cool , looks great guys . Thank you to all that where involved in making this happen . Really show's how the desert community can come together in a time of need .
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    Hutchins Class 1 Testing..Video by Deviate FIlms

    LOL - always stiring the pot !
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    Primo Verdone and Broc Kelson RIP

    Very sorry for your loss Gary , Such a tragic thing to happen to such young people . They will all be missed by many . Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families suffering in this tragic event .
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    Good fab shop in or close to Lake Havasu Az?

    Brian Murphy @ Tank-It does nice work . And he is in Havasu !
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    OFFICIAL SNORE Midnight Special info thread!

    Re: Snore midnight special event outline Thanks Bill , I have not received any PM's - let me know when the map is available . Are you guys going out there to watch / help ?
  13. WastedWages

    OFFICIAL SNORE Midnight Special info thread!

    Re: Snore midnight special event outline Is the corse map posted yet ? Or do we know when it will be ?
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    John Devito/procomp/missionmotorsports

    Good to hear from you Barry , I did not drive for you guy , was going to but - If I remember correctly I did not have my class A ( Drove for work all the time with out it ) so rather than taking a chance and having a problem you guys got some one else. I have search threw old boxes looking for...
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    John Devito/procomp/missionmotorsports

    I am old if I remember when Devito was still racing ! That was along time ago .
  16. WastedWages

    John Devito/procomp/missionmotorsports

    Some where in a box I have a bunch of pictures of the old MVMS trucks , the Blazzer when your dad had it and it was black and white and both trucks with the new colors . I just have to find them . I will look arround and get back to you . Tell your Dad Jon Hart says hi ! It's been a long time...
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    Gereghty#1245 Caliente Race Recap

    Congrats on the win Billy !
  18. WastedWages

    Gary Messer's TROPHYLITE wins 2nd in a row at BITD Bilek Racing Silver State 300

    Congrats Gary - Keep up the good work .
  19. WastedWages

    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    Leave 12 alone , Like others have said if you want to run a Eco Tech then run in 10 . Class 12 should remain Beam front end / air cooled motor ! Sure hope this does not pass !
  20. WastedWages

    Gary Messer wins over $10,000 in his TROPHYLITE at the General Tire Mint 400

    Great job guys , you look good every time I saw you come by . And quite the nice pay check to take home.