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    2015 Race map through Erendira?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to go down and watch day 1 at Erendira. Anyone have detailed specific info or pictures of where the race course travels through in Erendira? Also, what time will the first vehicles be through there. Thanks in advance.
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    Spectating at the b500.....any water crossings early in the race?

    So inwould like to spectate, are there any water crossing in the area between Ojos and rm80 with some cool water crossings...........there always seems to be action at the water crossings......if so, where and how do you get in
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    2013 Baja 500 Qualifying.................

    So what is the scoop with Baja 500 qualifying....... it was announced during the live coverage of the SF250 that this was coming, any other details?? When, where, etc etc
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    V2R #99 ..... Who is it?

    Just saw the great ifs, who is #99
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    BJ Testing in San Felo

    Cant believe this isnt up here yet!!!
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    Kaveman Motorsports goes web!!

    Join Kaveman Motorsports on the web guys, Facebook acct is live:!/pages/Kaveman-Motorsports/206954672679441
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    Did anyone get video of Robbys donuts?

    anyone catch his donuts at the finish?
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    MORE Kartek Shootout course is up!!!

    Way to go MORE, race course is already up!
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    Class 9 T4T pics

    Alright, so here are some pics I found of class 9 so far
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    TT Battle to the end...last 100-150 miles!

    So this year was an "epic" 1000 no doubt!! There were some serious competition in the TT class. I am curious what the last 100-150 miles were like. It seemed like all of a sudden, Andy Mac (congrats by the way) hit the NITRO button and just jumped away from the next 4 Trophy Trucks...
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    Where are the Sema Pics

    Hey guys, who has any SEMA pics....
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    Any Raptors running at the 1000?

    So any Raptors running in the stock production class... would assume that now that they are available, they are allowed to run stock full right?
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    Added coilovers to my Bronco!

    Work done: Port and plate the fron passenger side axle Remove Bilstein 5100s and associated coil/coil buckets Install Engine Cage Install Bilstein 2.65" 9100 and 2"air bumps Install 2 Link Thanks to Southwest performance (Mark Kefier) and to Bilstein, both Joel and Shane for ths shocks...
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    More updated points.....

    Looks like it going to be down to the wire!!!
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    MORE Freedom 250 results... post em up

    So who won.. I am anxious to know who took the O/A and the 1600 results.....
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    How did the 1600's finish up

    What was the final fininshing order for the 16s!!
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    King of the hammers pics...

    Here are a few pics I took: Pics: Bobbed Bronco: Oooops: Damage wasnt that bad: I know this guy: Nice buckets: Andy: My bros FJ:
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    Parker Contingency pics?

    Ok, so who has them for us wimps that could not make it!
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    Baja wives tales....

    Ok guys, so a friend and I were talking about old baja wives tales, like why put armor all on tires before a race, the duct tape around spares, etc etc etc.... Post up all the ones you know here...
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    New air bumps and Rear Bumper

    So I have some pics to share of my dual purpose Jeep Cherokee....I just had some new air bumps installed, as well as a new rear bumper built... here are some pics: New Bumps and Chassis Reinforcement: Dimple Dies: Rear bumper needed some work: One more: Ok, two more...