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  1. Jkrell

    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    Thats a great idea!
  2. Jkrell

    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    Moss Bronco is very tough to beat, which is why it felt so good to pass them heading up the summit, and why it was so crushing when they passed me with a broken spindle on the side of the road heading into Ojos. Haha, felt like the good 'ol days for a minute. Congrats to the whole Moss team on...
  3. Jkrell

    Darren Skilton Accident (2014)

    Thanks for the update Marty...glad he is doing okay!
  4. Jkrell

    Vapor Lock

    I agree, when I was down there a few years back to check it out (also complements of Sr. Darren Skilton) I was of the same opinion. Robby is the closest american team I think of being prepared but overall I think the dedication from the high end Euro and South African teams are massive and...
  5. Jkrell

    Vapor Lock

    Curious which of those actually fixed it. Would love to see a schematic of how it was routed with vapor lock issues and then how it is now. Did we confirm that it was in fact dead headed at the fuel rail without a return line? Does anybody in the know have information about how the EVR...
  6. Jkrell

    2014 Dakar: Stage3 - San Rafael - San Juan, Argentina

    Wouldn't surprise me if that was Robby up there...when I worked for him we were having cooling issues in the four seater prerunner we had just finished. So Robby had me drive it down the 10 freeway with him unbelted in the back standing up on the seats looking for good airflow to get in the...
  7. Jkrell

    Vapor Lock

    In years of racing in hot California high deserts i've never had the issue, and rarely hear about it, curious what all the factors are that have made it happen in South America and how the teams are fixing it down there. So I get that its altitude and heat, but how can it be fixed? Why isn't...
  8. Jkrell

    2014 Dakar: Stage3 - San Rafael - San Juan, Argentina

    I agree with jpbart. The rdc drama yankfest is aggravating to wade through. Let's talk about racing.
  9. Jkrell

    Gordon dakar 2014 ?

    This answers about 100 questions. Recently posted at planet robby.
  10. Jkrell

    Gordon dakar 2014 ?

    Cool to see robby changing things up a bit. So front engine but do we know total configuration? Is is live axle or buggy style rear suspension? I've always thought the front engine to buggy style IRS would be a great combo for the Marathon Rally.
  11. Jkrell

    The "Official" Dakar 2014 Thread

    We need footage of this car with Will Ferrell doing promo...DAKAR GOLD.
  12. Jkrell

    BAJA 1000 - Happening NOW

    Congrats to the Moss team on another baja 1k win! From IRC looks like Skilton 7200 is heading up the highway so i'm guessing they are done on the trailer...bummer.
  13. Jkrell

    BAJA 1000 - Happening NOW

    Skilton been stopped on IRC since I woke up this morning at RM 640ish...kinda hard to tell but may have moved from 640 to 645. I've heard other team reports there is a bottle neck there but no word on skilton/gambrell honda. If anybody has any updates would be great.
  14. Jkrell

    Fire Guys Racing's transformation from 7s to 7200/Class 6 w/ Camburg Suspension

    Another awesome looking Smith Race Wire job....i've raced a lot of miles behind Pat's work, never having an guys are going to be very happy with it when its all done.
  15. Jkrell

    Jeepspeed - Get off the couch and race!

    Great video Eric. Jeepspeed is a great series, a great place to race off-road. Stiff competition, lots of good sponsors surrounding the series, good promotion and consistently good car count.....not too mention a good payback and fun year end banquet and overall sense of camaraderie.
  16. Jkrell

    Dakar 2012 - Stage 10 - Iquique > Arica

    Rob said it in interview for versus...its a deflation system to pull air out of tires more quickly. So (guessing) valve opens, motor vacuum pulls air out of tires. I guess theoretically increasing some air past the restrictor, but that's got to be minimal...maybe they pre-fill the tires with...
  17. Jkrell

    Dakar 2012 - Stage 10 - Iquique > Arica

    Fly, you have any info/explanation on how that air inflation system works? I don't buy the cheater deal. Rob said in interview the system requires a vacuum, mentions a diaphragm in the system. I know rob keeps his technology under wraps...but this cat is already out of the bag. An...
  18. Jkrell

    McMillin & Skilton Pictures/Updates

    Great day for skilton today! 24th overall.....looks like hopefully they got the fuels issues sorted out during the rest day.
  19. Jkrell

    Dakar 2012 - Stage 8 - Copiapo to Antofagasta

    Re: Stage 8: Copiapo to Antofagasta Skilton 25th at cp6! Having a good run!
  20. Jkrell

    Any info on Rill and Slocum

    Full write up on stage 3 from Rill/Slocum. they are out, major bummer.!lightbox[2414-1]/2/