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    Support for Brett Sloppy

    My family is praying for you and your family and freinds stsy strong and hang in there. On another note BJ Baldwin is going on news 3 here in vegas at 11 oclock tonight
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    snore to come to pahrump

    Acording to the newspaper the Pahrump town board and SNORE got the approval and just waiting on the permits from blm. Im a local in Pahrump and will be glad to have everyone back out this way.
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    snore to come to pahrump

    Just read the Pahrump mirrior that snore will replace the terribles 250 in the craterflats area. I know this will be great for another place to race. This is a great win for the offroad racing community
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    Glen Helen Baja Cup 1/9

    are the rules class specific to what class you are running and what about safety is required
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    Carb Tilts Backwards

    were can you get these carb spaceres
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    All sxs 10k to win ss and pro mods

    calling all superstock and promods sxs to come to and win up to 10k cash sorry no outlaw type sxs all we need you to do is pre register to let us know your comming out it is free to enter go to the website and click on special event thanks for your support :D:D:D:cool:
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    $10,000.00 to win????????

    hi im the tech inspector for ocorr we are considering exotic motors to be not was the original design that came with the utv. But if there bored and stroked and add ons is ok .
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    first race at ocorr may 2

    well we are only 1 week away from our first race cant wait to see everyone there if you have any questions just feel free to call or email us
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    first race at ocorr may 2

    Calling all unlimited trucks ,1, 1/2 1600,5,5/1600, run what you brung and 1450's our first race is may 2nd. We are looking foward to all raceres to come out and have fun. If you pre register at your entry fee will be lowered. If you have any questions you can call Clay...
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    Bastage Beam Cars?

    hello all older cars and car outside of the rules we have a place for you all to race its a 2 mile closed course track in Nevada the web site is we welcome all types of cars. were having a race in 2 weeks if would come out Thanks for your support
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    NEW TRACK!!! Test and Tune this weekend.

    calling all older cars that are just sitting of all classes if you have older cars and trucks we have classes for you so bring out all your older cars also.
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    first practice next week at OCORR in nevada

    well its getting close to come play we are looking foward to seeing all classes of cars and trucks. hope to see you all there.
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    NEW TRACK!!! Test and Tune this weekend.

    hello to all desert raceres of all classes ive been posting on the other thread the track is awsome and technical and 2 miles long. And for the entry is only $62.00 for both days to practice. Hope to see all of tou this weekend
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    first practice next week at OCORR in nevada

    well the first practice is right around the corner we had some guys from the dunes come over to check things out. entry fee for the practice is only $62.00 for both days so bring out the whole family and freinds. there are hotels in Beatty, Amargosa,and Pahrump or you can camp out at the track...
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    new track !st practice April18-19

    was out there this weekend track looks good nice wide track some good jumps
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    new track !st practice April18-19

    check web site for rules whos comming out? all classes welcome from tt to trophy karts. 2 days of practice 1/2 price 62.50 reg race entry is 125.00 pits will open at 7.00am rooms are avalible in amargosa,pahrump, beatty or if you have hauleres you can stay in the...
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    pics of utvs at ocorr

    some freinds stopped buy to check out the construction of the track hope to see you there
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    new race track in nevada

    we have pics of some rhinos a razer and a redline buggy than stopped buy to check it out we would like to have some 1450's and some throphy karts to come out you can contact to set up a time
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    new race track in nevada

    we have a change in our schedual our first practice is april 18-19 open to all classes
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    1,600 Letters Against Vegas to Reno

    i live in pahrump and i will get as many as i can who love off road racing and will support you it sucks that we dont have the tt250here anymore i'll get those out right away