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    Colorado Desert Racing Meetup (Finally!)

    We'll be on our way to Baja for new years, enjoy the cold and snow
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    RANGERCLASS poll... is this a crazy idea?

    Here's my short thought: I've been thinking about building a budget race truck for a while and looking at options in the 10-20k parts range with my self doing the labor not put into the budget and looking at all the options. You aren't building something for $10k that will finish races and $20k...
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    Planning for KOH as a spectator.

    El Monte RV in vegas has been good the couple times we used them. The south location is on the edge of town on the way to hammers, grab groceries ect. before stopping there, the other location is closer to the air port. Vegas is cheap and easy for flights. Tent camping isn't a great idea...
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    SCORE Stock Pro UTV

    This sounds like a fun class for not much over an 11 car with probably similar prep costs. As far as the radius rods go I'm thinking they will be pretty easy to "reinforce"
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    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    How many trophy truck teams run a whole series/ for points any more? Don't a lot of the teams pick and choose what they race anyways? I've been to KOH and Parker a bunch. Parker is much more of a race for the racers, yes the Parker locals love it but there's not a lot of exposure. Maybe TV...
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    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    Give Dave a call if you are serious, he's not much of an internet person. In the past other series have had King of the Hammers qualifier races or the points champion gets an entry. I believe KOH started out as invite only and grew from there to have ways to qualify ahead of time and and a last...
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    Full stock 77 ford general questions

    If you are planning on racing Yorr give their rule book a read. Their classes are pretty different than a typical SNORE/ BITD/ SCORE class. You could build a truck that fits Yorr rules and another series rules but it won't be competitive in another series. Yorr's courses aren't as rough as most...
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    Mint 400 Race #2 Staging

    I saw the cluster of staging, it was a mess. The way they staged trucks on the road before they took them over to the hotel couldn't they have gotten everyone lined up then and had racing trax going through trucks then? Once a truck is activated slap a little sticker on the truck so they know...
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    east coast offroad racing?

    If someone wants the contact info for ECORS East Coast Offroad Racing Series last owners I think I can dig it up. There are a ton of racers back east, they race ultra 4 or many of the utv's gncc or another smaller series. If you want short course there's...
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    east coast offroad racing?

    It's been a couple years since I lived back east. Badlands had races for a while, a couple desert cars showed up but I'm not sure if they ever finished a lap. ECORRS allowed "rail buggies" but I think they aren't running races any more. You kinda need 4x4 in that country. Your best bet for...
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    UTV class question

    Looking for a score legal golf cart in Colorado? We have one for sale in Denver for pretty cheap and a pile of spares to go with it depending on price. We moved up to 6100. The other issue is a stock golf cart with a race legal cage doesn't last very long before it starts falling apart...
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    My 2018 Parker 425 Photos

    Do you have any of 6176? Thanks
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    Mint 400 Tech & Contingency 2 Day Class Schedule

    Will 6100's qualify after trick trucks, 1500's, and 4400's?
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    Mint 400 entry limit by qualifying ?

    For a while KOH/ Ultra 4 had a deal where you could pay entry fees for the season up front and I think you got a slight discount. I don't think there were any refunds if you missed a race. Paying for the season upfront before mint 400 entries are open to the public might be a way for season...
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    My 2017 Parker 425 Pics (MM) 134

    Any of 6176? Thanks
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    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    Do you have any of 6176? Thanks
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    A lot of or all of the National Forests near Denver are closed to target shooting. It sucks but at the same time it keeps the idiots and trash away.
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    Pit Crew Equipment & Tools

    What flavor golf cart and who's suspension? I just de rzred/ lonstared our pit boxes to make room for 6100 stuff.
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    2 Day Tech and Contingency @ The Mint 400

    2 day tech sounds good to me. We are racing 6100 and if we don't qualify if possible I'd tech Thursday otherwise we'll tech Friday. The only thing about having the morning racers tech only Thursday is there's a bunch of working stiffs who may not have the time off to be there by Thursday for tech.
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    6100 race costs

    We just stepped up from 1900 to 6100 and are working on prep for parker. After a couple races we'll have a better idea on prep costs and parts life spans. The truck isn't a Geiser and had a lot of more "prerun" grade parts on it that are getting upgraded. We do the prep our selves so that helps...