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    Did I miss it?

    I have seen no announcement from NORRA regarding trackers. Are they to be used? What brand/s? Buy, rent NORRA ( I doubt ) supply ? So what is the deal?
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    Confusion reigns?

    The events around the NORRA Mexican 1000 don't seem well defined yet. The Cortez rally seems to be a three day event, The Cortez Challenge a 7 day event, and the NORRA Mexican 1000 a 4 (cars) or 5 (bikes) day event. If you run the entire Cortez event you get 10 days. Have i got it so far? NORRA...
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    San Felipe

    Our team is based in San Felipe. People here are asking us if they can still see the cars coming thru town now that the race is starting in Ensenada. Most people here think the race will go down the Pacific side. I don't wish to know the exact route but would like to be able to answer the...
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    Number Soup

    We have a 87 Ranger that seems to fit SCORE 7SX class, at least in the rulebook I have. I know other groups use other class designations such as 1400, 1450, etc. What of these classes would we best fit? Again it is an 87 Ranger W/4.0, 5 speed, leafs in the rear, beams w/coils (not coilovers)...
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    Tales of carnage

    I'll start. D1SS1 broke the left front lower shock mount, bent the shaft and lost the spring perch. Fixed it and got to BOLA late. D2SS1 Broke BOTH upper rear shock mounts, rewelded and made Loreto late. D3SS1 broke the left upper mount again. Welded at Mag 7 and broke again after 4 miles. Don't...
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    Ranger rear leafs

    We have a 93 Ranger w/11 1/2 leafs 1/4 inch thick. The 1/2 wraps arround the front eye and ends 1 /2 inches aft of the spring perch. What is the purpose of that leaf? Next this leaf package is way too stiff. We cannot drive the truck 20 MPH on our test track. (Our old Ranger with 8 leafs would...
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    score and others first aid kits

    Last year while prepping for the NORRA 1000 rally I found some interesting things. First the first aid kit contents are the same as the kit I bought over the counter for the 1975 Mint 400 race. In 2012 after trying several drug stores, Walmart, 3 medical supply stores and the local clinic I...
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    San Felipe 250 winner photo

    I am looking for photos of Scott Douglas's 1993 San Felipe winning Ford Ranger. Close up and better detailed would be best! Thanks for any help.
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    I am gregg. I've been offroad racing for over 35 years. VW powered classes from 1200cc nine cars to t-4 powered class 1's. You name it I've done it from owner/driver to crew/chase. I've raced from Kamloops B.C. Canada to La Paz BCS Mexico. Big races and small ones.