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  1. dezertranger1600

    Newbie wanting to venture into BITD bike racing...Tips?

    Whats up guys?Havent posted on here in quite some time so I figured why not ask some questions? First off.. I live in Blythe,Ca which is very close to Parker and I wanted to buy a motorcycle and start racing BITD in the amatuer class. I've been riding bikes since 10 (21 now) and I thought...
  2. dezertranger1600

    X Men origins...

    Rent/buy this game. It is absolutely incredible... The campaign is very long and very bloody/gory.
  3. dezertranger1600

    What a day...

    This is a good story. On the 19th,my Mom had DR appointment in El Centro,and she wanted to leave Blythe at 3am but do not ask why because I do not know. Not gonna drag on but we have been running RAGGED all day and we finally get to Dr Calvins office at about 2pm. We then hear the bad...
  4. dezertranger1600

    Do not dl the xbox 360 update!

    DO NOT DL IT! If you have played CoD 4 in the past 24 hrs,read this! The servers were hacked and now you are either playing super fast or super slow. It mainly affects regular TDM players. Link:
  5. dezertranger1600

    Conficker Virus

    The ''conficker'' virus is set to be released April 1st. It has already infected 12 million computers WORLDWIDE! The attacks are on Windows-based PC's. DL this program,and save your computer. It is directly from
  6. dezertranger1600

    Forza 2...

    I KNOW some of you are pavement racers:D Anyone have this game? If so,want to set up an RDC race? Nissan roundy round speedway:D Anyone?
  7. dezertranger1600

    Rock Band: Special Edition

    Anyone have the original? I just ordered it and it will be here tuesday when my relatives arrive. Good for drinking?
  8. dezertranger1600

    ''the sun will rise in phoenix?''

    HAHA damn suns...YOU SUCK! LMAO
  9. dezertranger1600

    Just heard this on ESPN..

    if Robby loses his appeal he is going to do the indy 500 & the coca cola 600 :eek:
  10. dezertranger1600

    I need a lift...

    for a 1997 Chevy silverado 2wd V8...doesnt matter if its a spindle lift or even a body lift...Can ya help me out?:D
  11. dezertranger1600


    anyone live near there?i'll be moving in that area within two months...
  12. dezertranger1600

    cb antenna question...

    When I bought my ranger,it had some sort of antenna,and I never thought any thing of it.This morning,my dad mentioned why not check it out?The reason I never thought anything of it was the antenna was placed directly on top of the cab light,so this morning I took the cab light cover off & low...
  13. dezertranger1600

    MCAS Yuma

    missing chopper,just saw it on CNN...anyone know anything?
  14. dezertranger1600


    CMT's movie ''Dale'' will air tuesday september 4th @ 8PM PACIFIC time...saw a preview while having coffee & watching CMT(yes im a redneck haha) Looks like it will be a good movie...anyone plan on watching it?
  15. dezertranger1600

    looking to...

    help out a team if they need an extra set of hands. I have a 96 single cab ranger(2wd) and a CB. 18 yrs old,looking to get into the sport a bit more. I have some knowledge of race cars/trucks. preferably the MDR superstition series,but will help @ lucerne or barstow if possible...
  16. dezertranger1600

    College Football...

    Whos your favorite team? Who will win the natl. title? go USC...:D
  17. dezertranger1600

    How bout them Padres?

    Trevor Hoffman just recorded his 500th save.... 498 career saves as a Padre...:D
  18. dezertranger1600

    Real estate websites..

    Does anyone know of any real estate websites?I'm looking to move to the Blythe/Parker/Indio areas. Any help is appreciated
  19. dezertranger1600


    Tried NTI's website,cant find that much information on it...anyone attend?or know anyone that is currently attending?I'm considering leaving CA to attend it in NC.:D Any input is appreciated. -Zach
  20. dezertranger1600

    I know this is kind of a rookie question,but...

    How do spotters ''spot'' at tracks like Watkins Glen and Infenion?Do the have TV monitors?or anything else?:confused: