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  1. Bryan_Harrold

    Anyone got an extra seat rolling through San Diego to SF?

    Broke and looking for a ride tomorrow to SF (possibly Pete's Camp or contingency). Don't have a lot of cash, but can spare a little or beers/tacos! Might even be able to get some photos for your team! ;)
  2. Bryan_Harrold

    Baja 1K Photos from RM210 by Bryan Harrold Photo

    Hey guys, It's been a while...Went down to SF for the 1K to pit for the McMillins and Pistola (Hernquist). Snapped a few pics. Find the rest here:
  3. Bryan_Harrold

    Terrible's boat

    anybody catch CSI Miami tonight? there was a nice boat on it that p.diddy was on and there was a shot of the back that said "TERRIBLE" in chrome in the same exact font that the Herbst family uses on all their stuff. Interesting...
  4. Bryan_Harrold

    **VIDEO** 2008 Dash

    Heres a fe quick clips from the dash I put together last night. Sorry it's not that long, but I was only out there for a little while and was just playing around with my video camera. let me know what you think. You can also watch it in HD on youtube (but its a little shaky for some reason...)
  5. Bryan_Harrold

    race updates sugggestion

    would it be possible to have threads for the big races like the 500 and 1000 that provided updates without a million people posting bs stuff? It sucks to have to look through 100 pages (especially on a phone) where there might be only a few actual updates and all the other posts are 10 different...
  6. Bryan_Harrold

    Here's what needs to happen...

    we'll see how Baja is, but here's what I think would make the offroad game of utopia: cars designed by the gran turismo crew Physics designed by dirt and baja crews Tracks by dirt and turismo with long tracks influenced by baja. Or am I too idealistic? Obviously the technology is...
  7. Bryan_Harrold

    Robert Naughton sponsored by

    He's in the commercials! He's a pretty good singer too! Check it out (look especially at the end shot when he's bobbing his head, thats him!): Is that the car you'll be driving this year, Rob? Haha good luck this year...
  8. Bryan_Harrold gets another facelift!

    Hey everyone, My website just got another facelift so check it out and let me know what you think. New layouts, photos and more!
  9. Bryan_Harrold

    Bryan Harrold CV Photos (LATE again, sorry)

    Sorry I'm so late again, but they are finally up and theres good ones of all classes including rhinos, trophy karts, pistol pete and around the pits. Check em out and let me know what you think. Here are some of my favs.
  10. Bryan_Harrold

    LA Pics... better late than never???

    Been super busy with the 500 among other things but my LA pics are up so check em out!
  11. Bryan_Harrold

    bryan harrold baja 250 photos and more!

    Finally posted my baja 250 photos. I wasn't in any hurry because i wasn't in the best spot for photos nor was I there for very long, but I posted them up anyway. Also, my website just got a facelift and theres a bunch of cool race photos in the automotive portfolio that you guys might enjoy...
  12. Bryan_Harrold facelift

    hey to anyone who cares, my website just got a facelift. check out the portfolio (particularly the automotive one because there are a lot of good race pics!)
  13. Bryan_Harrold

    Rally Tracker DO NOT LOAD list

    I dont know if someone already posted this, but it looks important (from SCORE front page): URGENT MESSAGE FROM RALLYTRACK !!! March 3, 2007 There are currently 155 entries for the Baja 250 on the Rally Logger "DO NOT LOAD LIST." Reasons include no record of payment, needs to renew, late...
  14. Bryan_Harrold

    what happened to the DA?

    Werent they supposed to finish 1-2-3 in like 4 classes? I give them props on turning the playtech car into a trophy truck last minute, even though it may not have been the prettiest thing. On another note, great racing out there. The mendeola single seater suffered some major problems on...
  15. Bryan_Harrold

    Bryan Harrold's LDC photos!

    heres some of mine as i finish the rest... I also put a gallery up of my favorites from the races. check em out at and let me know what you think
  16. Bryan_Harrold

    BRYANS cv pix!

    Theyre finally up! Here's some of my favorites: for more and all other classes go to:
  17. Bryan_Harrold

    Bark River Photos FINALLY! bhphoto

    Sorry it took so long but check them out and let me know what you think!
  18. Bryan_Harrold

    PRIMM PHOTOS- Bryan Harrold Photo

    Just got my pics up... check them out @ tell me what you think! PS Bark River CORR Pics are also finally up!
  19. Bryan_Harrold

    Bryan Harrold Photo Website now Open!

    Its here now!!! I finally got it all set up and even ahs pics from the last CORR race and Terrible's Cup. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  20. Bryan_Harrold

    Terrible's Cup PICS!!!

    Great racing this weekend, here's my favorite pics: