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    Looking for someone that can finish some welds....

    Cheers! I'm looking for someone that can finish some welds for me. My regular guy is not available. I'm in Lake Forest (South Orange County) and I can bring the car to your garage, backyard, shop or whatever. The project is a BMW track car with a cage but the genius that built the cage...
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    Rear LED light bar

    Does anyone have experience with I saw their ad in the RDC classifieds for rear LED light bars. No phone numbers on the ad or on their website and they haven't responded to multiple emails sent at different times over the past few weeks. Their LED bars look interesting but I...
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    Will an older Class 12 Raceco pass SCORE inspection?

    Anyone familiar with Class 12 Raceco chassis from early 2000's (possibly late 90's) and whether it will pass SCORE inspection without replacing tubes due to thickness? The chassis is in Texas. Art says the pictures look fine but needs to use the ultra sound to verify tube thickness...
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    Chenowth DR beam car - 4 seater?

    I saw a an old school Chenowth that looked like a DR2 but it was built as a 4 seater. It's stored outdoors and it's been neglected and in rough shape. Could be a candidate to restore for NORRA because the back seats could be converted into storage. How many of these were made?
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    Can you identify this chassis?

    Can you identify this chassis? Who built it? Who owned it? Was it ever raced? Imagine it without the disco diamond plate panels. Class 1/10 single seat race frame. Possibly tabbed for a 4.3l Chevy and a Mendeola. 2" hollow spindles up front, micro stub trailing arms in the rear.
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    Looking for a boat mechanic

    I'm looking for a boat mechanic for a Volvo Penta. I'm in Orange County but will to drive for a good mechanic. Recommendations would be much appreciated.
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    Trailer for your swinger

    This trailer is a perfect fit for Class 9 cars. We've used it for Class 1600, Class 9, Class 11, UTVs and motorcycles. If you or anyone you know is looking to upgrade, this rig is a workhorse. Some of...
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    Anyone looking for a nine car?

    Could be a good deal for some new blood..... CLASS 9 PORTER built single seat SCORE tagged buggy - $4999 (downey, ca) score tagged class 9 built by porter in 91. all 4130 chassis, all the good stuff, new motor, trans, multiple spare tire combos, new aluminum body panels, car has raced...
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    VW Dual Port Heads

    I'm looking for expertise from VW Type I motorheads. Is the German 113 101 375 A dual port head the same as the Brazilian 040 101 135 2? Do they flow the same? Does one model have better results on the dyno? Why am I asking? I have a high compression (11:1) 1600 race motor with dual port...
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    Costa Rica Tour Ride - Recommendations?

    Anyone have recommendations for the Costa Rica motorcycle tours? I found some info online and it looks fun, but would like info from people that have done it. Thinking of going around March 2010. Thx.
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    Fiberglass modification/repair in Orange County?

    I need recommendations/referrals for fiberglass modification in Orange County. I have a porsche 911-style fiberglass shroud for a Type 1 VW motor that needs modification. The shroud was custom built for a narrow motor and I need it widened to fit standard motor. I'm hoping the cost will...
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    Swinger for Sale – Raceco 2 seat 9 car

    Bought it for my nephews but that didn’t work out so it’s time to sell. It took me awhile to find this car because I wanted the boys to have a car that could put them on the podium. If you’re looking for a 2 seater, you need to check this out. Raceco 2-seat 9 car. Very roomy cab. Fits big...
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    Penny Wise - Pound Foolish

    I'm getting ready to put up for sale a 2 seat Raceco Class 9 so I did a search to see what else is out there. Some of these look inexpensive but they'll cost a fortune to get them to the green flag. Package deal…2 seat Class 9 with a Baja prerunner for $5500! Actually, this looks like a...
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    "Red Line" oil temp for a Chev 4.3L Vortec?

    What is the "red line" oil temp for a 2000 Chev 4.3L V6 Vortec? In other words, when should I shut down to reduce the risk of damaging the motor? The water temp is fine at 170-180 degrees. The oil temp hovers around 210 degrees when cruising around 3000 rpm but then jumps over 240 degrees...
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    Outlaw Offroad installed keys & front shocks on my 2006 2500HD. I got home and realized they tagged me with a rear window sticker and front & rear license plate frames. The young flatbillers probably love that stuff, but I had a little peeling to do at home. :) The marketing guy should get a...
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    Brake Setup

    What's the best brake setup for a 9 car? Front - Master cylinder size? - Drum: Type I? - Wheel cylinder size? - Brake shoes: Woven or stock? Rear - Master cylinder size? - Drum: Type I, Type III, Thing? - Wheel cylinder size? - Brake shoes: Woven or stock? And where...
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    New governor of northern baja...good for our sport?

    Anyone have the scoop on the new governor of northern Baja California? During his campaign he claimed he would clean up crime. Will he support desert racing in Baja? "Jose Guadalupe Osuna of President Felipe Calderon's National Action Party beat current Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank Rhon (PRI -...
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    Alternator testing in Orange County?

    I've got a stack of used Bosch alternators for a VW Type I motor but I don't know if they are good or bad. I tried Pep Boys, Kragen, Autozone, etc, but their bench test machines don't have the proper adapters for Type I alternators. It's too much hassle (i.e. I'm too lazy) to install them in a...
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    Tourist Cards - Required for Baja 250?

    Are Tourist Cards required for the Baja 250? If yes, I'll make my donation at the border instead of wasting a day at the Port office in Ensenada.
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    Bus Stub Axles in Type I rear arms?

    I have a 2-1600 with Type I rear arms & Type I stub axles & drum brakes. I'm planning to upgrade to a CNC hub/disk brake kit. CNC has a kit that uses Bus stub axles with a bearing conversion to adapt to the Type I bearing housing. The thicker Bus stub is much stronger, but will the thinner...