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  1. martein

    BLM Needs To Be Put In Check

    BLM is attempting yet another land grab in the name of the desert tortoise even after they announced their plans to euthanize over 700 tortoises due to lack of funding for their BLM run tortoise sanctuary. The BLM is growing bolder by the day and their tactics are becoming more violent and...
  2. martein

    What is it going to take to get people to stop driving 100% in the dust

    Working in pit B at the Mint 400 today we watched yet another Trophy truck driving wide open in the blinding dust. He plowed into the stop sign the course worker was standing next to so fast it sounded like he hit a car at 80mph. Luckily the course worker ran out into the desert to get away from...
  3. martein

    Trophy trucks pushing the little guy out

    The Mint 400 is supposed to be a no pre-run race. Almost all of the trophy truck teams are running in the limited race. Voss is even running his trophy truck without even changing the numbers. The big issue I have with this is there is a waiting list for limited teams that could not get in...
  4. martein

    Las Vegas 1000

    Mad Media has done an incredible job with the resurrection of the Mint 400. It reminds me of the Mint 400 when I was a kid when the whole town came out to see the cars on Fremont street and everyone knew someone involved in the race. The media attention over the last few years seems to be...
  5. martein

    Another victory in the battle with the econazis

    I found this ruling opening up much of the closed land in Glamis.
  6. martein

    rep no workey

    I have problems a lot where the rep button says I have already given the person rep or I need ot spread it around even if I have never repped the person before. Sometimes I click on the rep button and nothing happens and then if I click it again it say I need to spread it around. others ore...
  7. martein

    dodge chase truck rear springs

    I have a 98 dodge 2500 diesel with a 4" lift and it is a heavy pig with a flatbed and side boxes. What are you guys doing to your dodges rear springs to make them handle the load and still have good road manners and articulation. I have looked around quite a bit and have not been able to come up...
  8. martein

    Hello my name is Martein

    I am new to offroad racing but am hooked. I was introduced to this community by a few of my freinds. I plan on attending as many races as my wallet will allow.