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  1. A Vance

    Motocross 2021

    The word is Zach O is going to retire.
  2. A Vance

    What is Robby building?

    Who is driving the cars? Max? Robby?
  3. A Vance

    Mint 400 in December

    Maybe we should start paying our entry fee after the race. If we don't get all the miles in then we don't pay. That wont fly. So why do they think they don't have to pay people right away.
  4. A Vance

    Mint 400 in December

    That is his personal truck. I am sure that Mad Media paid him a good salary. That is why there is no money to pay vendors. So if they look at the Mad Media account there is no money in that corporation. They will close the business before they sell their toys or lose their savings accounts...
  5. A Vance

    Baja 400 Banter

    I have a reservation for a camping spot 6' off the course. Paid extra for front row view in the outside of a corner this year.
  6. A Vance

    What ever happened to R.Acer?

    Did they finish or did they have transmission issues?
  7. A Vance

    BITD Laughlin

    Wish i would have seen this. it is fast. one rough section the rest is fast. Did you race it?
  8. A Vance

    2x/RFS KTM

    You might have a better chance emailing his wife Patty. He works hard in the shop and she is easy to get ahold of on social media.
  9. A Vance

    2021 Vegas to Reno MC/Quads

    You're the first person in history to say a bike is too narrow lol. You are too used to the Big Red Pig. lol
  10. A Vance

    Supercross 2022

    Wonder why they dont try to have it at the Raiders stadium.
  11. A Vance

    2021 Vegas to Reno MC/Quads

    Pm me. I may be able to guide you to some guys who would race. you should ask Dean Sundahl. to race with you guys.
  12. A Vance

    Motocross 2021

    They really need to get these guys with a big personality out in the mainstream to bring more eyes to the sport. Jett and AP7 are rockstars.
  13. A Vance

    Speed Pre-Order

    If you ordered one thinking they would be delivered when they said they would be you must be new to off road. Even the big manufactures are not giving you products when they say they will.
  14. A Vance

    2021 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    I agree but if stuff like this keeps happening it will be harder and harder to justify mexico letting score put on races. I remember growing up hearing of crazy stories of things that happened in baja. They were like campfire stories. Pretty sure they were real but no one to confirm. Now we...
  15. A Vance

    Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

    Nice. Is it a DOT tire. We run the Kenda Parker and we get about 300 miles out of them before they are unusable. Have tried every other hard pack tire and that seems to work the best but guys are running these DOT dual sport tires and I am curious how they are working out.
  16. A Vance

    Racing or joy riding

    It doesn't matter to me what others do, I am just curious what others racing experience is. Our finishing rate is super high. So I have gotten to the point where if we are not doing good I am bummed. My outlook has changed. Early on we were excited to finish. Now a finish is expected to a...
  17. A Vance

    Racing or joy riding

    What do you mean? It has had some very good responses. Exactly my point for making it.
  18. A Vance

    Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

    What rear tire is that? Did you use a new rear for each day? More people are going to the dual sport tire and curious how it is working
  19. A Vance

    Racing or joy riding

    Are you referring to me asking this question?
  20. A Vance

    Racing or joy riding

    I see people celebrate finishing like a win. I just feel if you are not there to race for the win are you really racing. I know there are bucket list racers. Thanks for everyones input