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  1. cbrdoll

    Us open - las vegas oct 9-11th

    Any RDC'ers going to the US Open in October??? Reed and Stewart are confirmed so should be good just to watch that.....:D
  2. cbrdoll

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY! RDC's Own Social Butterfly!

    Happy Birthday Gabby!!!! Wishing you all the best on this day of yours! and the year to come!!!! Enjoy!!!
  3. cbrdoll

    Anyone going to Coachella or Stagecoach Festivals?

    Just wondering if anyones going?, I'll be at Primm for the 250 but leaving early Sunday so may be at Coachella Sunday and going to Stagecoach the following weekend for sure.......
  4. cbrdoll

    Honda Considering Street-Legal Off Road Bike? Give Them Your Feedback!

    In many regions of the country the only way to get from one riding location to another is to take roads that require street legal vehicles. We would like to understand your interest in an Off Road motorcycle that would be street legal, but whose main focus would be on Off Road performance. This...
  5. cbrdoll

    Ideas for my 2006TRX250EX project! :)

    I know it's only a 250 :( but it is what it is....anyways weathers perfect for riding again so looking for any idea on mods if any or aftermarket goodies I can put on her? It is box stock right now...only thing on it is my trailtech...still debating on the twist throttle thing...This is a 2006...
  6. cbrdoll

    AMA Pro and SPEED Announce New AMA Pro Prime Time

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (February 18, 2009) - AMA Pro Racing and SPEED announced today an innovative and unprecedented new programming format that will see 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing events, highlight coverage of other AMA Pro disciplines and a variety of in-studio and at-event features showcased...
  7. cbrdoll

    Nicky Hayden To Appear At Charity Event January 23 In Southern California

    For Nicky Hayden Fans VIP Charity Event at Southern California Ducati January 23 Celebrates Nicky’s Official Arrival Cupertino, Calif (14 January 2009) – Ducati North America announces today it will host a welcome bash for the Ducati Marlboro Team’s newest MotoGP rider, Nicky Hayden, on...
  8. cbrdoll

    Off-roading off-limits in valley

    First thing I had to hear on the news and read this morning....:( so much for enjoying where I live... Off-roading off-limits in valley Xochitl Peña • The Desert Sun • December 16, 2008 Billboards over Coachella Valley freeways along Interstate 10 and one unveiled Monday along Highway...
  9. cbrdoll

    Touch a Hero

    I got this in the email I thought it was a great idea so thought I'd post and share in here... I know the economic times are hard on everyone, but were all so blessed here to have the toys we have to do the stuff we love, that I feel the least I could do is take a few minutes to bring someone...
  10. cbrdoll

    Hello My name is Trisha

    Hi Im Buster Lawrence's personal secretary and good friend, I just want to thank the people who left kind words for Buster in regards to the crash he was in the V2R this past weekend. Just spoke with him and he is recovering from a successful surgery and is back to his usual crazyfunny self...