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  1. ScottyA

    Advice on running turbo/unlimited utv BITD

    Check out ARD. Alsup racing development. Talk to Mitchell. Just won the Open Pro class at the Parker 250.
  2. ScottyA

    Vegas to Reno pit question

    you know your riders best but another maybe better option is 10-13. 12-13 is super easy for the guy that got on at 10 then the guy getting on for the last 46 mike is super fresh.. have a look . 10 to 12 is very close on time. any hicup and your screwed
  3. ScottyA

    2020 SCORE San Felipe 250

    Plus it doesn’t give Andy a chance to bitch about Rich guys starting up front!!😂😂😂😂
  4. ScottyA

    50 different classes, really?????

    So you actually raced!!😂😂😂
  5. ScottyA

    50 different classes, really?????

    I like the n/a utv class. It’s like having a novice class!!😎. Why not give two first place trophies for 140 entries?
  6. ScottyA

    Would you rather, Mint or ultra4 KOH?

    Neither I’m staying home reading your premium cook book!!🏁
  7. ScottyA

    Sell your toys, quick!

    PDitty To bad Trump locked us out of Baja!😂 Don’t know about you but Trumps tax cuts pay for about ten more trips a year to Baja For me!!#MAGA
  8. ScottyA

    2019 SCORE Baja 400 - Live Stream & Updates Thread & Post Race Expert Analysis

    And the guy that beat him drew two spots behind him!! Awesome job Ryan.
  9. ScottyA

    New Sheriff in Caliente

    UTV of Mitchell Alsup had the second fastest lap time of all cars at the Knotty Pine 250. Only a class one had a quicker lap time. And this was his first time out in his brand new Can Am. He was leading on time going out on the last lap then had some new car blues cost him some time. He’s now...
  10. ScottyA

    Robby being Robby in Cabo?

    When you said Robby being Robby. I thought you meant Robby driving faster than anyon
  11. ScottyA

    Robby being Robby in Cabo?

    So change the title. It’s easy
  12. ScottyA

    Border shut down. How to get back

    Jrsyko could you please go back to your Sierra club forum!
  13. ScottyA

    Border shut down. How to get back

    vegasloki=Mike Overcast
  14. ScottyA

    Getting creative (Cheating)

    That poop has happened since Husky made it standard practice!!
  15. ScottyA

    2018 SCORE Baja 1000 route

    Isn’t this a Baja 1000 post!
  16. ScottyA

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    7x Rm 343 10:55
  17. ScottyA

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    So the sportsman classes are slowing everyone after the 1st overall bike!! Roger N if you read this you are a dip poop!! Money don’t buy brains! Just shorten their race next time. Don’t give them short cuts!! Just ruined the race! But I guess it’s all about The country clubbers
  18. ScottyA

    TT vs Bike

    Maybe Valvaline should know this guys history. They won’t give him that free case of oil next time
  19. ScottyA

    What would be your perfect Baja trip?

    The Old Mill has a remodeled restaurant that is amazing! Not the stake house next door. It’s right next to the office. I’d drive an extra 100 miles to go there!