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  1. RCJoslin

    I miss the desert and fixing broken parts.... So I'm back to buy and build something...

    I miss the desert and fixing broken parts.... So I'm back to buy and build something...
  2. RCJoslin

    MDR site updated - press releases

  3. RCJoslin

    Whats up with the dash this year

    What? weak I hope the dash is still on.. wtf?
  4. RCJoslin

    Post your favorite Baja1000 picture!

  5. RCJoslin

    awesome profile pic man!

    awesome profile pic man!
  6. RCJoslin

    Map of baja

    Just wing it....
  7. RCJoslin

    Raptor Born in Baja

    has anyone bought one and broken a buncha stuff hitting speed bumps too fast yet :D?
  8. RCJoslin

    how'd the AMBULANCE do ?

    awwwwww anyone have pictureS?
  9. RCJoslin

    Please Pray for Justin Imhoff - 8x

    Hope for a speedy recovery!
  10. RCJoslin

    Finishing Order

    BUMP! ahahahh!! got a sweater for christmas, what i wanted was a screamer, or a moaner.. that is awesome!
  11. RCJoslin

    Found Gear Bag in Orange County

    good guy! hopefuly some one claims it... did it have a race number or anything on it?
  12. RCJoslin

    Chasing The Baja 1000 - My Story

    gorgeous picture man... same place I took my picture....... "Right by the beach boyeee"
  13. RCJoslin

    Class 1 wake up call!

    Yeah, Wide Open is a great organization! I've chased for them the last 3 years.... I didn't make it this year due to work constraints but. damn would it have been nice!
  14. RCJoslin

    Race is only half over!!!

    wow. thats awful... good luck ML Racer!
  15. RCJoslin

    Robby's Roost

  16. RCJoslin

    Hall's 4X4 Trophy Truck finishes Baja 1000!

    awesome, I'd like to see it in action!
  17. RCJoslin

    score championships

  18. RCJoslin

    Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag

    dusty times = epic!
  19. RCJoslin

    Official 2010 Baja 1K thread

    the race is 1060 miles this year.