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  1. DJ Jeffrey

    2 Time Vegas to Reno Winning Team Looking for a Ride

    Jeffrey Bros Racing is looking to assist a competive race team to copete in this years vegas to reno. We have won vegas to reno twice, once in 2006 class 2000 (1600), and again 2008 class 1100 (1200) We have over 18 years of racing Experience from Cabo to Reno with much succes. We can bring our...
  2. DJ Jeffrey

    Osama Bin Laden is dead almost 10 years later!

    Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US Forces in Islamabad, Pakistan. God Bless our troops and our country. Almost ten years later we finally got him. Thank you to all the soldiers who lost their lives and are fighting for my freedom and our country.
  3. DJ Jeffrey

    MORE Freedom 250 Found Tire

    Hello Racers! I am not sure of the number or class because it was dark and i was not paying attention to him, but a truck lost his spare tire off his truck. It is a Big O X/T Big Foot On a Centerline Wheel. The wheel studs are oblonged out so that is a pretty distinctive feature. If it was yours...
  4. DJ Jeffrey

    Computer Question

    Hello racers! I just saw a really awesome Baja video posted in another thread and I want to know if anyone knew of a program to set a video as my desktop background? I am pretty sure it can be done, hoping one of you know of a program? Thanks!! Here is the video if you didn't already see it...
  5. DJ Jeffrey

    Helmets For Sale?

    Hello RDC Familia! I was wondering if any of you guys would have a 1 or 2 used helmets for sale. I have some friends who are getting into the sport but cannot just pick up the huge price for 2 helmets. So if any of you guys have an old Helmet that you replaced for the SCORE rules or don't need...
  6. DJ Jeffrey

    I call it, Log jam by mile 20.

    I pre-ran the start today with Brian Burgess getting ready for the start tomorrow. I am just gonna make a call and say that 43 Trophy tucks and all the single track off the start is not gonna end well. Not counting the 1, 10, and us in 12. So I am making a call that their will be at least one...
  7. DJ Jeffrey

    Iphone/Ipod Jailbreak

    I was just curious if any Ipod touch/ Iphone/ Ipad users on RDC have jailbroken their I-device. I have jailbroken my Ipod Touch. What tweaks have you done to your device?
  8. DJ Jeffrey


    I know EA stopped production on the NASCAR franchise for Xbox and Playstation. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge if the program will resume any time soon or if any other game maker will be releasing a real NASCAR game? Just curious, Thanks!
  9. DJ Jeffrey

    Score Baja release form

    Hey guys, would anyone have a blank baja 500 minor release form and medical release form they could email to me? I will PM you with my email if anyone has the forms. Thanks!
  10. DJ Jeffrey

    MX ATV Reflex

    Has anyone bought this game? I played the Demo and it was a trip with the new layout for leaning and steering on the bikes. I know there are some TTs and C1s, how is the off road content? should i pay my $40?
  11. DJ Jeffrey

    In-car Driver Footage

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had some Limited car (1200, 1600, 900 etc) footage facing the driver and passenger. I have been wanting to see video of what our bodies are actually doing in these cars lol. If you could post them up or whatever that would be really awesome! Thanks!
  12. DJ Jeffrey

    Sports Cars

    What is your favorite practical sports car? reasons why? I really like the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti! It is a reasonable car, seats 4 or 5, has some room in the trunk, and when it is built up with the STI parts it can really get movin. I like the AWD set up, the 6 speed manuel, the turbo, It just...
  13. DJ Jeffrey

    Google earth with Vegas to Reno map overlay

    Hello everybody! I just finished making a google earth map of the V2R map, it has all 995 miles. This worked on my computer, so it should work on yours:cool:. You must have the Google earth program downloaded already, it is a free download found at: I have attached...
  14. DJ Jeffrey

    Cool Video

    This is a quick, well done, simple explination of how President Obama's recent press release saying how he will cut $100,000,000 from our federal budget. I am not promoting obama, or putting him down, I personally am republican, but that doesnt matter. Enjoy the video YouTube - Obama...
  15. DJ Jeffrey

    Quick Question.

    I know this has been asked a thousand times but I am not sure if the answers are current with it being a new year and whatever else. My question is; my friend is coming to the SF250 with us, he does not have a passport but he has his birth cert. will that be enough to get him across the...
  16. DJ Jeffrey

    Unbeatable race?

    I have worked my way through most of the carrer except Mini,Fulsize truck. I ma on the final openclass race for my TT and i can not win, Both roberto and i have tryed and tryed and cant even see the leader. Any tips? even posible? Cya all online. DJ
  17. DJ Jeffrey

    Class 1. What is the best?

    I am almost able to buy my class one car and im not sure between the models. Its not like a 16 car were i can buy all of the models fully upgraded for under 100 grand. Can you all post your favorite and a few reasons why. Thanks Add me up, Racer 1655 Xbox Live
  18. DJ Jeffrey

    How Fast do you Drive?

    I am wondering how fast most people drive on your normal freeway drive no traffic congestion just a cruising speed. and what is the fastest you have gone on the roads not real racing I am talking illeagal speeding lol. I just got my permit so i am taking it all under the speed limit so i...
  19. DJ Jeffrey

    Who is this and were?

    I am wondering who this picture is and were it was. Please post up if ya got an idea. Thanks.
  20. DJ Jeffrey

    Henderson Results?

    Would anyone have any results from the henderson race? mostly 1600 guys? Please post up. Thanks