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  1. racedoc

    Prerunning RM 200-250 Thursday?

    Anyone have a spare right seat? RM 200-250 Thursday? Ill buy the tacos. Macrae Glass-offroad's Kingman connection 928-716-2225
  2. racedoc

    Thanks Team Ford!

    Thanks for helping to make Parker the biggest payout of the year with your cash bonus last weekend. My wife and I figured it was a great time go buy a new Ford F350, and that's just what we did yesterday. What a cool place to buy a truck. Spotless is an understatement, Off-road art on the...
  3. racedoc

    any extra Fiesta Group rate rooms?

    looking for another room at the group rate....thanks. Macrae 928-716-2225
  4. racedoc

    blue water room

    as it states. thursday-sunday. Macrae 928-716-2225
  5. racedoc

    one room @ BB's

    I have one room @ BB's! Th-Sun. Call Macrae @ 928-716-2225
  6. racedoc

    Easter Bunny Bankrupt?

    That's what I heard from a VERY reliable source, the tooth fairy.
  7. racedoc

    I NEED ONE BED in 1 room sat night AT BB's

    I have a pit guy who would like to share a room if possible @ BB's sat night. He will share the cost OR we will take a spare room @ BB's. Any takers? Please call 928-716-2225
  8. racedoc

    Parker Pre-Run spare room @ BluWater?

    Parker Pre-Run spare room @ BluWater sat night. give me a jingle 928-716-2225 Thanks to all.
  9. racedoc

    Open letter regarding the Awards Ceremony @ the Primm 300

    My family attended the Primm 300 with me as did many other racers and families. We did the whole thing including tech, prerunning, pitted both races, and attended the awards for our second place finish in 5-1600. The big surprise was how few people were there at the award ceremony to celebrate...
  10. racedoc

    McKenzies regatta

    McKenzie's Regatta Just got back from the McKenzie's beach bash. Special thanks to Jeff Quinn and his crew, as they really know how to show appreciation for their customers/friends! Lots of cool people and the racing stories were plentifull as well.
  11. racedoc

    Coolest Old Race Broadcast?

    I'm going with the 1995 Baja 1000-great interviews at the end. Although the 1992 Nissan 400 had some great whoop footage of Ragland.
  12. racedoc

    Hey, What's up?

    My name is Dr. Macrae Glass (Chiropractor), from Kingman, AZ. I have a lovely wife and three future little racers. We have a Stock-Mini Ford and a Curt LeDuc Bronco, and usually pit for our friends in the desert(Lugo, Foutz, and Scaroni). Nice to meet you!