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    Thank You Robby Gordon

    My wife and I used to watch NASCAR until Robby stopped racing. It is just not the same now that he is not racing, I have tried to force my self to cheer on other drivers, but it is just not the same.
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    I think I could win Dakar with a built 4x4 Bronco and some Fox shocks

    So my 4x4 Bronco is out, sounds like I will have to rock a 2x4. So if I am understanding this correctly people are using class1 type vehicles because of power to weight ratio, and the class 1 has the engine over the rear tires for maximum traction?
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    I think I could win Dakar with a built 4x4 Bronco and some Fox shocks

    Can some one please explain the rules to me or at least a link to Dakar rules, There is no way Robby is using 10" travel and 31" tires
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    I think I could win Dakar with a built 4x4 Bronco and some Fox shocks

    Why is the Dakar so hard to win? I understand the navigation and no help on the race course, but I am not impressed at all by the competition. A mini cooper? that is the best they got? please in lighten me. I was the 2009 SNORE class 7200 champ so I understand racing (a little) but shoots...
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    Looks the the new HDRA and SCORE rules just came out.

    Can you run IRS in spec TT and a 5 speed transmission ? or is it live axle and limited to 3 speed ?
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    Beware desert nation!!!

    I love when a company goes out of business every one uses it as an escape goat for there own short comings. Since I was a young lad I had made a promise not to get involved in high school rumors, but I figured I should say some thing in my defense for the people that do not think I am a...
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    what do you think a class 6 will cost to build from the ground up

    1 3/4 x.120 wall is so what's another couple ranger is 4350lbs heavy yes but like all the other rangers finishes races..........I beam tube chassis ?
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    what do you think a class 6 will cost to build from the ground up

    Tube chassis mega 6, would be around $110,000 or like the others said you can get a Ford Ranger for about $65,000 (tried and true), but not as fast
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    Race Prep?

    I have been racing my ranger for a couple years now and have the prep down to a science. Replace heims when they become maracas (play between the ball and shell) shake heim if it makes noise replace it. Rebuild ford 9" every 1000 miles check after every race (replace oil, check axles), change...
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    Steve "Chappy" Hanson

    He makes our sport better .........charge on!!!
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    F-150 Bumper quote...

    $750.00 949-215-9313
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    MDR night race update @ Plaster City

    Sweet the new Dezert Nation front end works ...............jokes a side good job Tex and the Z pest control team you should be ready for the MDR North night race
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    Dezert Nation TT

    what do you think the best third member is for the rear end ?
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    2500HD bumper

    Yep Rob@Dezert Nation 949-215-9001
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    Dezert Nation TT

    We intentionally designed it to have camber change at bump to make the vehicle more stable at full bump.
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    Dezert Nation TT

    The idea behind the new TT is to have the front end and rear 4 link CAD design. The rest we will done the old fashion way, by hand. It is not I-beams, it is center mounted A-arms.
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    Dezert Nation TT

    We have been hard at work on our lap top computer designing a better race truck. The Dezert Nation TT or Smoke will have 90" track width, Wheel base is still undecided. Front suspension cycling a legitimate 24" of wheel travel (23 after bump and strap), the shock mounts are 32" from the bottom...
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    Class 6 / 7200

    Rob & Charles Anderson SNORE champs class 7
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    TT Engine

    Thanks for the information