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  1. Jackassracing

    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    You will want to reach out to David Frieburger of the tv show road kill. They did a tribute to the ranchero in one of the seasons. You can can google the episode and watch it. Pretty cool story. My brother and I just picked up the Raceco above last weekend. Hopefully we get it back together soon.
  2. Jackassracing

    149 SAM BERRI vs 1456 Brandon "AMATEUR HOUR" Aurther

    Yeah with 20k plus on the line. It seems reasonable to give a slower moving car a break on not getting out of the way of the over all race leaders way.
  3. Jackassracing

    VORRA Yerington 300

    Can't wait!!! Starting to get super excited today. One week left for packing and planning!
  4. Jackassracing

    LA Coliseum and Robby Gordon Motorsports?!?!

    He told Ellis this about 2 weeks ago. Wonder what it is.
  5. Jackassracing

    Mullen Creek

    Nope. It's by Pyramid lake Troy. Seems like if you had everything loaded up you might as well go to Weeks.
  6. Jackassracing

    Dakar 2012 - Stage 10 - Iquique > Arica

    Wow that is crazy that the bike washed that far down river. No penalty served either.
  7. Jackassracing

    Dakar 2012 - Stage 9 - Antofagasta >Iquique

    Re: Dakar 12 - Stage 9 - Antofagasta >Iquique RG gave up 41 secs to Peterhansel
  8. Jackassracing

    Who has NEVER rolled over?

    I know a guy who has been racing for 15+ years and hasn't rolled. He has won a few championships and quite a few races in class. I don't want to jinx him but he does drive fast. I have only rolled once. Second race in practice. I have been close many times since. It's definitely part of the...
  9. Jackassracing

    VORRA "24" desert endurance race Labor Day Weekend

    Nope no IRC or tracking. Just timers.
  10. Jackassracing

    Official V2R Thread

    Also Chad for first in 10?
  11. Jackassracing

    Official V2R Thread

    German looks to be about 16 miles ahead. Great job guys!!! They are world class.
  12. Jackassracing

    BITD sportsman allow windshields/glass?

    I would put a UMP filter in it.
  13. Jackassracing

    Sucker punch by Jerry Whelchel

    And done! Fastest argument on this site!
  14. Jackassracing

    bike classes?

    It has something to do with the insurance. Quads fall in because they have 4 wheels.
  15. Jackassracing

    Total Chaos / Locos Mocos Trifecta weekend

    Congratulations guys and girls on a great weekend! I can't wait to see the incar from both trucks.
  16. Jackassracing

    Xtreme Outlaw 250 Inaugural Race

    Can't Wait!!! Should be a fun race.
  17. Jackassracing

    Schweet "live" laughlin ~!

    Any word on Sam Berri?
  18. Jackassracing

    Prairie City Oct 10-11

    Who says schools aren't teaching any thing? Tell truth= punsihment. Good lesson.
  19. Jackassracing

    Prarie City Advertising

    If you go up to Heather at the tower this coming race , I'm sure she can point you in the right direction.