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  1. steve squires

    Who has pics from the 2016 San Felipe 250??

    Can anyone point me to any photographer websites that captured pictures of the 2016 San Felipe 250? Particularly interested in class 1 pics?
  2. steve squires

    SCORE IV250 - Class 1 - who's racing??

    What class 1 teams are planning to race the IV250?
  3. steve squires

    Baja racing article in Wired Magazine

    In Defense of Shockingly Dangerous Desert Racing in Mexico Nice article in defense of desert racing in Baja by a mainstream magazine
  4. steve squires

    Any truth to the Rumor SCORE has a new owner??

    Heard SCORE has been bought by a Mexico based family?
  5. steve squires

    Can any 2008 to 2010 vintage class 1500 cars still be competitive?

    There seems to be some attractive deals on several class 1500 cars built between 2008 and 2010. Can these cars compete against the newer cars? Out of this group which builders cars are still contenders?
  6. steve squires

    Best place to locate Mint 400 race pics??

    this is our first Mint 400 and second BITD race. Can anyone advise websites where we might find pictures taken of our car during the race? Car # 1042 We have a local journal wanting to include it in an editorial.
  7. steve squires

    What is the best wheel brand for a class 10 car?

    We are purchasing a class 10 Porter and need to purchase a spare set of wheels. It is setup for 15" wheels and is running 33" tires. We are running Trail Ready's on our 6100 but have heard we should run a lighter wheel on a 10 car?? Would also be curious what the consensus is on tires??
  8. steve squires

    Does anybody know how many 800cc UTV's raced at the Parker 250???

    There are quite a few XP800's sitting on the sidelines because they are afraid they can no longer compete in BITD racing. Does anyone know how many, if any 800's showed up to race Parker?? I think if they could be scored separately we could get a good showing. Any thoughts, comments??
  9. steve squires

    Parker 250 Pit Support

    Does anyone happen to know a source for pit support at the Parker 250? We are racing in the 1900 class and are short handed for this race. Any suggestions are appreciated