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  1. MH20

    Another Baja Horror Story on CNN I must say, even though I was down there for the 1000 and love Baja, I'm definitely starting to think twice about the place. *Edit* *Edit*
  2. MH20

    Belts - V-Belt or Serpentine

    I'm trying to setup the accessory drive system my brother's truck (Ranger + 5.0L V8) and have read the varying opinions on this thread I talked to March Performance and they suggested this serpentine system...
  3. MH20

    Baja 1000 Pics Thread

    Went down for the day and made the trek out to Tres Hermanos (RM 51).
  4. MH20

    13" vs 14" Brakes

    Im trying to decide on a brake size for an upcoming project car. Does stopping power/modulation/etc justify the huge difference in cost? Im shooting for around 4000lbs and with 37" tires on 17" rims.
  5. MH20

    Independent Appraisers?

    Is anyone here, or does anyone know an appraiser that is familiar with off-road vehicles/prerunners? Im dealing with my insurance company after my truck got stolen, and I got slightly lowballed by their "independent appraiser" so I need to go to the next step and hire my own and mediate with...
  6. MH20

    Ford 5.0 Transmission

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience putting a T-5 (mustang 5speed) behind a 302 V8 in an offroad application? Is it even a viable option in truck (Ranger Ext. Cab)? I know it will hold up based on HP and torque, but havent heard of them being used in the dezert.
  7. MH20

    Source for a bolt on 2.5" GN snout?

    I've have had no luck finding some sort of bolt on 2.5" Grand National snout for some front hubs. Does anyone even make a snout with a bolt on flange? I was just trying to keep cost down a little bit, but if no one makes one then oh well. Thanks in advance
  8. MH20

    Oil Pressure Sending Unit Adapter

    Does anyone know where to get/have made an adapter to get an autometer oil pressure sending unit into a 1992 ranger 2.3?
  9. MH20

    Laser/Waterjet/Whatever cutting in San Diego

    Im living in San Diego fulltime now, and I need a couple pieces cut out...just 3/16" plate and was wondering if anyone has recommendations of places in Clairemont/Kearny Mesa or surrounding areas.
  10. MH20

    Squeeky Brakes

    Several months back I got a set of the Baker Ranger Spindles that come with Wilwood Dynalite calipers and ever since my brakes have been squeeling very badly on and off. Im not sure what pad compound he gave me, but the rotors are stock ranger 4x4 ones. Its especially bad after freeway...
  11. MH20

    Marine Battery Selector Switches

    Whats the correct way to wire a 500A intermittent/310A continuous battery switch with dual batteries?
  12. MH20

    F150 rearend in a ranger

    I know everything else will work, but what about the brakes? The F150 has 11 1/32" drums in the rear and my current 8.8 has 10" drums. Will this cause any braking problems? and if so, how would I fix them?
  13. MH20

    Air Tools

    I am currently in the market to buy some air tools (impact, grinders, etc) and I am not sure what brand(s) to go with. Are there certain brands that I should spend the extra cash on or are there brands that I should stay away from at all costs? I basically dont want to buy any of these things...
  14. MH20

    Cons of a 2.0 Coilover?

    Are there any disadvantages of using a 2.0" coil carrier rather than using a 2.5"? Easier to fit, cheaper and springs are also cheaper, so are there any disadvantages? This would be going on a mini truck along with a 2.5 or 3.0 bypass per corner.
  15. MH20

    Dromo One Night!!!

    Theres also Miramar Speed Circuit for those of us down in SD. Basically the same exact thing Watch out for the annoying techno music
  16. MH20

    Trigger Welding

    I've been seeing more and more "Trigger Welding" (series of spot welds) around and was just wondering the professional opinion on it. I've played around with it a little bit and it looks good and I seem to get enough penetration, but are there any advantages or side effects? Should it only be...
  17. MH20

    Anyone Familiar with the 4.0?

    I am in the midst of replacing a leaking rear main seal on my 93 4.0. The new seal (Ford Part) has a metal ring that sits just inside the rubber seal. The old seal does not have this part. So is something that I should install or was it just there to protect during shipping. BTW, the metal...
  18. MH20

    Brake Lines and Beams

    What is the best way to route brake lines on an I-beam truck to get them away from the coilover? Down the radius arm? or can you take them down the actual beam? Hard or braided stainless line?
  19. MH20

    transmission Shop in Orange County

    Hi, im looking for a good transmission shop in Orange County to either beef up my A4LD. I know there is Art Carr, but I am wondering who else is out there. Thanks, --Matt 1993 Ford Ranger Supercab 4.0L 2WD
  20. MH20

    Coilover Spring Selection

    Hi, I am just wondering what springs you would recommend me getting for my 1993 ranger. I am getting dual rate SAW coilovers but I only have a vague idea of what springs I should run on them. My truck is 4.0L automatic and is going to have Baja Shop equal length beams. What are you guys...