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    need info for class 10 front end toe and camber ajustment

    This is on our class 10 Alumicraft, we just installed new Uni-balls and all heims. Just want to check and see what toe and camber numbers we should be shooting for front end setup? Thanks for any information.
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    In car camera options?

    Hello, we are getting ready for the Baja 1000 and looking to see what options there are for an in car camera. We have tried all the Go-Pro units, all the wires and trying to keep it all plugged in, and along with keeping the chip replaced through out the race is a big pain #$%@$&. We need...
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    whats the best Desert tire setup to run

    We are going to be riding down in the SW deserts and some in Baja. We are riding a Husqvarna 2T and a Beta 500 and are looking for information on tire and tube setups. Right now I am looking at the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire and the GoldenTyre GT333 IntermediateTerrain for...
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    Need help with class 10 Fox shock service

    We are needing our Fox shocks serviced for our 10 car, I have called and sent emails, and tried to fill there service form page out, all the codes passwords log-in info%$#@*&() and the last time I had them on the phone they put me on hold and then the call was so long it said call ended, so am...
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    race viewing around mile 360 for baja 1000?

    Any information on a good spot to view the race around mile 360, we have a driver change there, but want the rest of the crew to have some good race viewing action:) Thanks.
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    Beta 390 for desert racing and pre running?

    Hello, I am thinking about picking up a new Beta RR 390 for pre running and maybe a few desert races. I don't see to many Beta bikes running but think 390 might work out well? I would be in the 50 and up class and maybe race Vegas to Reno and the Norra 1000, just want to race some desert on a...
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    Looking for help at the Baja 500 and 1000

    We have a class 10 Alumicraft car. We ran it at the PCI 300 last year and finished. Previous to this, we've raced the Mint 400 and Vegas to Reno, both with finishes. We are a small family team looking for some help with chasing mainly. A good mechanically inclined person who is also good...
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    Welding At parker 425?

    Our car needs a seat bracket welded on, does anyone know if someone will be offering welding there? Thanks.
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    Pahrump or Parker400

    We are wanting to plan our next race and are thinking about one of these. Pahrump sounds like it could be a good turn out, and since it has not been ran for a while there should be some fresh terrain, it is coming up quick though, and then they put the pre-run date one day after turkey dayo_O...
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    snap-on or makita cordless impact

    I cant decide which one to go with, I all ready have Makita batteries and other tools. the Makita XWT08Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless seems very well built but is about a pound heavier, and seems to have good reviews. The snap-on 1/2" Drive 18 V MonsterLithium Impact Wrench (U.S.) looks...
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    if offering a rider- driver seat, liability?

    Thinking about offering rider- driver position for 2017 races, I have seen some offerings in the classifieds for seat positions and whole car renting Does anyone here have knowledge of what liability concerns there can be or who to contact for that. Thanks for any information.
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    BITD, Laughlin Desert Classic – May 5-8?

    Does anyone have any information about this race, I don't see any information on the BITD site. Is it a lap race if so how many miles around, or if it is a distance race how many miles one way or in a loop. Just trying to make some plans on which race we would like to run this year. Thanks:)
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    class 2400 anyone here running it?

    Looking for information on class 2400, Casey mentioned it to me and it did sound interesting, Ford is going to be paying out on 1st-3 place pretty good money, and not near as many cars as class1000/10. I can not get the Score rule book to pull up, and am not sure they allow it in there class 10...
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    which class 10 engine supplier

    Needing to buy an engine for our class 10 car pretty soon, any opinions of the different suppliers, Danzio, Wiks, Turnkey, Redline, CBM? There is a pretty good price difference with a few of them, also choice of life racing, or stock computer? anything else I should be considering? Thanks for...
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    what trans for a class 10 car

    Just looking for an opinion on what trans guys are having the best luck with in class10, is anyone running the Mendeola S5 or the S5D since Weddle has up dated them? The Fortin sure is pricey, but would the repair cost on the Mendeola catch up to the Fortin price pretty quick? Thanks for any...
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    Who to have build a class 10 car

    I am thinking of have a class 10 car built, so far I have looked at Tatums and also alumicraft cars, What other builders should I look into? If the right used one came up for sale I might go that route, there was a nice Penhall in the classifieds on page 3, but it already sold. If I go with...
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    who to have build new rear trailing arms for a class 1100 car

    I am maybe looking to have a new set of rear arms built for our class 1100 car, The left one I can not get pulled in far enough for 1/4" toe-in, its more like a 1/4" toe-out. I have squared up the chassie and it is right on. If anyone has any information about rear arms, that would be great.
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    Mint 400 hotel choices

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on which hotel to stay at for the Mint 400. I did see the info listed on the BITD site for hotels,but thought we would see what those of you, that have been in the past, might suggest. This is our first desert race and we will be in class 1100, we are driving a...
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    Info needed on ORAF

    Hello, I'm new here, and I am looking to get into a class 10/12 car. One came up for sale that has an ORAF built chassis and suspension. I cant find much information out about there work, or if they are still in business. Any feedback about them or there work would be great. Also any info on the...